• April 15, 2021

The Expendables & Nacional album review

The Expendables – Movie Review

 No doubt you’ve heard of the movie and it’s line up of action heroes.  With that in mind, you’ll get this picture is quite simply a a lot of fun. It’s an action flick with heart. Stallone has done a great job of getting this cast together and he has made a film that fun to watch. The acting is fine for a movie like this but I do have to make a word about Eric Roberts, I really dug him in this, he at his slimy best, playing the rogue fbi agent.  The film is well it’s about a group of men to take out a rogue dictator and yes save a girl along the way. You will know about the cameo and it’s perfect for a film like this. As expected the shooting scenes are at it’s over the top best and it’s perfect for this. To put it simply a good film is a good film and this is one of them, why because for the next few hours you’ll be taken in a action packed wild ride which simply rocks.

 Nacional – Revolver 12/8/10

Firstly i know the band, have known them for a while and what they are doing is dirty electro pop. They have a full band with drums,guitars and bass plus a synthesizer thrown into the mix and it works well for them. Firstly they sounded tight like a band who has prepared a lot for each gig. They know how to move on stage and know how to get the audience involved with the music. Plus their was a sold crowd, yep that right people actually getting involved into the music.  HJ the front women knows how to sing and knows how to win the audience over and yes she did look hot.  If you are prepared as a band and practise once a week or how ever it takes to make the crowd come back for more do it, like these guys and girls did. Great band, great songs and a promising career as well.




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