• April 15, 2021

Gemma Kaye Interview

Gemma Kaye Interview 

Gemma Kaye one of my favorite aussie actors, I’ve interviewed her a number of times here on Parx-e. Like what she does an actor and always think she worth giving publicity for. She’s got some good work to watch out for this year so read on.


Why go to LA?
I think this is a personal choice and actors will have different reasons – all of them valid. Some people are excited by the idea of Hollywood and stardom and want to throw themselves in and give it a whirl! Some are business-minded and see more opportunities there. Some are attracted to the challenge. Some have heard so much about it they want to see it for themselves. Some are drawn there, like a calling. As for me… its probably a bit of all of those things… with a lot of the latter. I feel called there. I’m not sure why, other than obvious ongoing career development. But it lives inside me as a calling.

What do you hope that will do for your career?
I wouldn’t use the word "hope" because I believe in causing results through my own hard work and action. With every decision that I make as a business woman and as an artist my intention is to serve my highest purpose for being here. I want to contribute through stories that move, provoke, entertain and make a difference. So going to LA would be part of that for me as well.

What have you been working on recently?
A number of TV commercials and re-writing the next draft of a script I have co-written with a writer/director friend.

What factors make you say yes to a movie role?
Does the film make a difference? Does it contribute to society in some way? Is it fresh? Authentic? Is the role a challenge for me? Would I go and see this movie myself? Do I like the people making it? ie. the director and producers and other actors. Do I think I’d work well with them? Do they have the expertise and experience to pull it off? Can I see a market for the film?

How did you get involved with the films "The 34th Battalion" and "Scab Girl Asylum"?
I’m attached to these projects in supporting roles and I’m very passionate about the stories they tell. When I heard about them I pitched myself for them, directly to the director and/or producer.

What was it like working with Richard Roxburgh on the tv show "Rake"?
Wonderful. He just oozes charisma and is a lot of fun on set. I learned a lot from working with him. He’s a class act.

What kind of role wouldn’t you want to play?
Anything gratuitously violent or unnecessarily or inappropriately sexual or exploitative.

Do you think social networking tools are a blessing or an evil in your line of work?
A blessing.

What’s in your stereo at the moment?
I don’t have a stereo anymore! But on my iPhone my favourite playlist is the one I go running to every morning. My facebook friends helped me out by telling me their favourite songs to go running to and I selected my list from that. These songs help me get out the door and push through the burn – I highly recommend getting your own running track going, it makes all the difference! Mine goes like this:

Let’s Get It Started – Black Eyed Peas
Fighter – Christina
Let’s Get Loud – Jennifer Lopez
Don’t Let Me Get Me – Pink
Simply the Best – Tina Turner
The Way You Make Me Feel – Michael Jackson
The World’s Greatest – R. Kelly

Other than that I have another playlist I love with an eclectic mix of top forty with a few rock and alternative songs thrown in. And a playlist of my favourite Aussie singer/songwriters. I also listen to salsa music regularly when driving. I don’t get out to salsa much these days, but the music makes me feel great!

What do you hope 2011 will bring for your career?
The opportunity to play roles that are authentically in alignment with who I am as an artist and to be paid well for them. A "tipping point" where projects I’ve been working on for a while get up, get made, and break out. Personal fulfillment and the opportunity to contribute to causes I’m passionate about.

Any last words?
A lot of actors wonder what the secret to success is. I’ve spent countless hours and thousands and thousands of dollars finding it myself so I want to share what I’ve learned. My answer is – there is no right answer, we are all different! My personal answer – Learn something. Implement it. Celebrate growth. Be grateful for everything. Then – "rinse and repeat"! Be patient and trust this cycle. It takes about 10 years to achieve mastery (see the book "Outliers" for more on this). But if you really commit to your own growth, and focus on learning something and implementing it, over and over again… results are inevitable.

With love to all parx-e readers.



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