• May 6, 2021

Plain Jane Automobile Interview

Plain Jane Automobile

 Plain Jane Automobile are a fantastic rock band from America, I discovered them on great website alternativeaddiction.com. I loved what I heard and knew these guys need to be interviewed on here.  Their new album Your Tomorrow is something to have your cd collection. So Duke from the band answers my questions so read on.


1. Are you happy how things are gone for you so far with the music?

Yes and no. I like where we are right now, but we missed a lot of opportunities a few years ago. We get a lot of comments from new fans wondering why Plain Jane Automobile isn’t a world wide name. It’s flattering and frustrating at the same time, because we do have such passionate fans, and we just haven’t had the exposure we needed before now.

2. How have things changed for you as a band in the years of making music? 

We are definitely more grateful than ever. I think as songwriters and performers we are infinitely better. Touring, recording, and learning how to be around each other for months at a time has tightened us up personally and musically.

3. What inspires you now as an band?

Everything. The world is changing every second and it inspires on every level. Most of the content on the new album was inspired by the past catching up with the future. Seeing a band that you admire can set you afire creatively.

4. Are u happy how the new album Your Tomorrow has turned out? 


5. What was it like working with Rick Beato?
It was great. I speak to Rick quite a bit and we are constantly trying to work out times to get back in the studio and record more songs. He has a very rich musical pedigree and he really helped us shape the sounds of the album, specifically Yesterday’s Pain. We tried to record that song twice over the last 3 years and kept starting over. We talked about what it should sound like and mentioned we wanted strings and Rick took it to a new level and wrote a string arrangement in hours! It has a great 60’s chamber Pop sound that totally works.

6. Who has been the biggest help with your career?

 Everyone at our new management company, Tipping Point Entertainment. It’s like a family and we really thrive in that environment. Its important to us that the people around us stay with us for our entire career. Jimmy Gnecco from Ours has also been a big help to us. He took us on the road for half a year when everyone kept passing on us for openers. He was able to hear that we had something to offer and has been a great friend to us ever since.

7. How is the new album different to the previous ones EG what have you done differently in the recording process?

First of all the process was totally different. The last album we recorded a few days here a few days there, as you do when you are broke and working with 4 peoples schedules. This time, thanks to our fans, we raised the money to record on Kickstarter.com and then spent 5 weeks holed up in Ricks studio in Atlanta. We approached the recording with a more intense schedule and really worked ourselves hard. The songs were bare bones when we walked in and they took shape quickly because we actually had time to spend.

8. Has the Internet & Social Networking sites played a huge part in your career?

Absolutely. Being connected to our fans is the most important thing. Most of our international fans would have never found us if not for social networking sites. Nokia put a few of our songs into about half a million of their phones and the response and been overwhelming. You couldn’t do that past. I love that I can email a fan directly and thank them for being supportive. That sort of correspondence  would have blown my mind if my favorite artist would have taken the time to do that. Obviously its not possible to maintain that personal connection with every fan, but its important that people know that because of them we have a job.

9. What advice can you give to somebody who wants to make a career in music?

Its a tough business and its getting harder everyday. If you love music and you aren’t content with playing in your garage then be prepared to work extremely hard for many years. Sacrifice is the name of the game. You have to give up a personal life, relationships, time with family. It can be incredibly rewarding and it can be incredibly unforgiving.

10. Who have u enjoyed playing with recently?

We always love to play with Jimmy and Ours. We did get a chance to play with your countrymen JET. That was a fantastic show. Very very nice chaps and they had very nice things to say about our music. They put on a great live show. SXSW was a great time also.

11. Any plans to play Australia?

It depends on how many people read this and download our album:) We would love love love to come there and tour. I have fantasized about visiting there since I was 16. Hopefully we will be there very soon!


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