• May 6, 2021

The Reefs EP Launch @ The Toff In Town 28/10/10

The Reefs EP Launch @ The Toff In Town 28/10/10

It’s a Thursday night and I’m off to The Toff see The Reefs launch their latest EP The Ghost and I arrive just in time to see the main support The Moxie warm up the crowd and boy do they sound a lot like The Temper Trap and just like The Temper Trap, they are tight musically, have some really great songs and yeah expect to hear a lot more of them. Now The Reefs come on stage and they are seriously a lot of fun live and not only that are fucking really good musically as well. The band know how to use their instruments and know how to craft a tune and be able to make the tune come across to the audience. I would describe their sound as surf rock mixed with hints of reggae, SKA and a dash of good old rock’n’roll. The band is like a party in your backyard and they are seriously incredibly tight.  For me it was light being taken on some epic journey being part of this huge jam session and being lost in the music. They have these songs that are just layered right, guitars and bass working perfectly with the drums and keys being used to suit the mix right. They have songs also that are like epic party jams that just wanna make you get down and dance the night away.  To finish off I’ve been coming across these great bands and great talents which are just doing something different and are bringing the crowds with them. The Reefs know how to put on a fine show and these guys delivered at The Toff.  Can’t wait to see them again soon 




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