• April 15, 2021

Eliza Rickman – O, You Sinners Album Review

Eliza Rickman – O, You Sinners (Self Released)


Eliza Rickman is an amazing singer songwriter who has released the best album of the year. Her music is alt folk but she does something special with it. Her music is hauntingly beautiful, the songs are well produced and written. Her voice and lyrics are incredible. This is an artist who is self managed  She does songs such as Black Rose which uses toy piano to make a catchy tune that starts album off with the right note. Devil’s Flesh & Bones has almost a jazz feel to the song the pay the piano is played and the way she is singing, It kind of makes you feel like you’re in some jazz club, just tapping away to the beautiful music. Over Cold Shoulders which use the piano as the main focal point of the track.Through An Aquarium is a beautifully performed and written song, I love the use of percussion on the track and the backing vocals work really well. Cinnamon Bone is just Eliza and toy piano and it’s highlight her talents in her amazing voice and her vocals. Then songs like the title track O’ You Sinners that show off her voice, her lyrics and her way of crafting such a hauntingly beautiful tune, the piano is used really nicely here . Pretty Little Head is a song that is well written performed, shows off song writing and vocals. Start With Goodbye, Stop With Hello is the toy piano, her singing and a bit of hand clapping and it all gels together nicely. White Words also highlights how she just sing and do backing vocals and make a really good song which works. Coming Up Roses, like O’ You Sinners is one of my favorites off the album, well written, beautifully sung and performed and the use of the organ adds to song as does the backing vocals. Now the cover of Into My Arms by Nick Cave is so beautifully performed and sung, it was moving as is this whole album. this is a fine album, so hauntingly beautiful and so passionately performed. It reaches deep inside of the listener even if they resist.. Eliza Rickman has got talent and this album shows it. She the real deal and this will land her onto years of musical riches.


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