• April 21, 2021

Allison Gray – Off My Mind EP Review

Allison Gray – Off My Mind EP (Self Released)

When Allison found me on twitter I decided to check out her music and was blown away by what I heard. Good solid pop soul with hint of adult contemporary tunes that deliver both catchy and beautiful ballads that are so well written and sung and produced. It was unbelievable.   The EP could be very much of the most perfect EP I’ve heard in a long time where every song is just so good and they all sit alongside each other nicely.  It’s starts off with the funky Be Bad with its upbeat vibe with great use of horns and keyboard to give a good lively funky song to start off the EP and the songwriting and musicianship is solid here. Best Love is a little more laidback but still very catchy the use of keyboard and the horns just work so well together. Her vocals are on fire here as her songwriting and lyrics. Break Me with it’s use of synth/keyboard and drums alongside is a real nice touch, this song is less soul and more pop and like all of these songs, they deserve to be on radio. The beat is very catchy and gels alongside the synth/keyboard very nicely. The use of acoustic guitar in segment s of the song is a real nice touch. Her vocals and the lyrics are solid here. Change is more laid back and more of a ballad and has use of drum machine for a beat and some segments in the song use a drummer and alongside acoustic guitar. Off My Mind is a little laid back and a little funky. The song is well structured and written, like the rest of the EP has great musicianship.  Ours finishes of the EP nicely. Song has use of a drum beat alongside drums and keyboard. It’s a little bit of ballad but her playing on the keyboard like the rest of EP is amazing. This girl is incredible, one of the most exciting artists I have heard in a long time. She can sing and write such amazing tunes, she should be on top of the world and I reckon she will. This release blew me away and I can feel she going to be a star. You need this now.


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