• April 21, 2021

Celadore – The Bright And Blue EP Review

Celadore – The Bright And Blue EP (Popboomerang Records/MGM

Celadore are back with their new EP The Bright And Blue and
is a cracker of a release, these boys know to write a top quality tune and the
4 songs on this release are worthy of your time. It hits first with Bakery, a
catchy upbeat power pop tune that shows of Michael Cooper voice, the
songwriting and the excellent musicianship, love the use of the backing vocals.
Kinks In Armour is a radio hit in the making, it’s got everything that radio
wants and I can see crowds singing it in no time. Monster At The Public Hall is
also the ballades track on the EP. It starts off slow with Michael and the
guitar and vocals and hits you with rest of band at 1:07 mark.  Burn Down The Lighthouse is the last track on
the EP is also another song that is radio hit in the making and some how
reminds a lot of Motor Ace, the songwriting and lyrics are all there. The EP is
a solid release with 4 great songs that offer something to the listener. These
boys are going some where and this need’s to be in your collection.


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