• April 15, 2021

Hess & Franzen {ClosedLockedSealed} Album Review

Hess & Franzen {ClosedLockedSealed} – Self Released

Instrumental music well is not normally my thing, and if I do like its good be good or something special. This CD which is a collaboration by Hans Hess from England and Renan Franzen from Brazil, is music that is inspired by prog rock, movie music and their love of instrumental music which this. It’s good, the production values of this is fantastic,  The track Gobi Desert Search For SS Cotopaxi highlights this with a 70‘s electronic music intro, think Goblin then into some fast paced drumming and guitars which are almost metal but still retains the prog rock inspiration. The same can be said for Three Stripes, it’s a fast paced and frantic metal/prog rock inspired track, love the use of keyboard and synth, it really works well with the song.  Mantis is more about the keyboard, synth and the drumming places a good part in the tune, has an almost something gonna happen movie score feel vibes to it. China Inox has a really cool part in the song where is just flamingo guitar and a slight touch of keyboard when it’s not loud guitars and drumming.  Doomsday Device reminds me a lot of Devin Townsend latest album Deconstruction and some of the songs on their, the way the song is structured, written and performed and of course minus the vocals, the same can be said for also When I Get Out Of This Place with its excellent musicianship, songwriting and song structured. Words Mean Nothing is more of a slower paced with good use of keyboard, drum machine and the way the song is structured and performed. Magic Cat is the last song, its guitars, drums and it works well. Look this is a cool unique album that different, two people who have come together to make an album that is an unique experience to the ears. It’s well produced and well played, so if you like good music well done and you love instrumental music than this it for you. I say check it out.


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