• April 15, 2021

If I Were A Gladiator EP Review

If I Were A Gladiator – Hallowed Antiquity EP (Self

When I received this in the mail didn’t know what to expect
but I heard was way cool. They are a Roman progressive metal with a female lead
singer who can sing with an operatic voice but also can growl. This cracker of
an ep has 6 tracks of energetic rocking tunes with a voice that truly shines.
The band is tight and can certainly play the music and the lyrics are solid and
suit the music they are playing well. I like the use of synth on the song
Farwell, which reminds me a little bit of Kittie strangely enough. The song The
Exploit has none of the operatic vocals and more of the screaming and growling
and a pretty cool use of the keyboard. The same is said for The Virtuous,
Conquest of Servitude regarding the growling. The King And The Sibyl has a cool
guitar solo and a nice little instrumental bit in the song.  The opening track Grant My Peaceful Sleep just
hits you from the word go and Emily Ruth amazing operatic voice mixed with
her perfect growling just wins you over. It’s also my pick off the EP. This is
an awesome release, totally rocking and solidly written, performed and sung.
This rock’s and you need it.


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