• April 15, 2021

Brooke Annibale Interview

Brooke Annibale 

 Brooke music’s I discovered a few years back and thought it was real good but her new album Silence Worth Breaking is a must have. One of the best albums of the year so far. A songwriter who can write such good songs with ease. She got the talent to go very far and doing amazing stuff.

 Visit her website here http://www.brookeannibale.com and go buy her album.

1. Are you happy with the response to the new album so far?
Yes! I’ve gotten a lot of messages from people who have listened
to the new album and they’ve all been so overwhelmingly positive and
supportive. I think it’s a good start!

2. How were things different recording wise compared to the last two albums?

Well, the biggest difference was the time frame the record was
completed it. This album took 3 weeks to record. My first album took a
couple of months, my second album took longer than a year. That was
mostly because I was busy doing other things, like school. This time, I
had no distractions. And that’s the way the producer (Paul Moak) works.
He schedules a set amount of time to work on the record, we work on it
and we finish it within that time. It really helps make it feel like a
cohesive artwork instead of a bunch of songs done at different times
with different vibes. Paul’s studio "The Smoakstack" in Nashville is
beautiful and a dream for any musician to work in.

3. What has been the inspiration for the new album?

Oh my, lots of things. I’ve written this album over a long time
span. The oldest song being almost 3 years old and the newest song being
barely 4-5 months. But in general, my inspiration tends to be the
struggles and the joys of life, the things  I learn along the way and
the things I’m still working through and trying to learn.

4. How does religion play a part in your songwriting & lyrics?

I don’t like the word "religion" for the negative aspects it
sometimes/often encompasses, however, faith in God is a part of my life.
My faith often pops up in my writing, because I write about my
experiences and usually faith plays a role in those experiences.

5. What inspires you when writing your songs?

Life, experiences, struggles, etc… music i’m listening to can
also often spark inspiration. I’m just looking for something beautiful
that hits me in the heart. I hope it will do the same for others.

6. How the internet & social media played a part in getting your music out there?

It’s played a huge part. The internet is the reason why completely
independent musicians like myself can even have a career in the first
place. In an instant your music can be available internationally. It’s
an amazing tool.

7. What was it like playing in england?

It was great. I just love London and so getting a chance to play in that city was just awesome.

8. What do you hope the new album will do for your music career?

Well as always, I hope it will move it towards success… towards
reaching more people, towards connecting with more people on a deeper
level and towards doing this for my living for life.

9. What advice can you give to somebody wanting to make a music career?

You have to been entirely devoted to it and you can’t do it for
money. You’ve got to really LOVE performing and writing as well as
booking and promoting, etc. It can be really frustrating, but that’s why
you’ve got to love it or else it won’t feel worth it. To me, music is
always worth the frustration that sometimes comes along with it, because
I can’t see myself being happy doing anything else.

10. Do you think sites like kickstarter help get your music out there and help get you closer to your fans?

Yes, definitely! I loved running the kickstarter campaign because
people seemed to genuinely be excited about getting involved in my new
project. Now I can give those folks special updates and inside info on
the record and my music before anyone else because they took a chance
and supported me.

11. Who has been your greatest help with your music so far?

Well, my newest record was produced by Paul Moak and he really
just clicked with my music. He really understood and connected with each
song and helped me map out my vision for each one.

12. What is next for Brooke Annibale?

Promoting the new record, and booking shows everywhere I can!


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