• April 15, 2021

Radio Star – A Common Tale – Single Review & Starting Sunday EP Review

Radio Star – A Common Tale – Single

Now this is a pretty catchy rocking tune, from the minute it started playing I was hooked. It grabbed me, it’s a nice bouncy rocking pop tune. Call it what you want but these boys have delivered a tip top song that I could see the kids dancing and singing away to.  Very impressed, nicely produced, sung and performed. Top Stuff.  No doubt this will be the next big radio hit.

Starting Sunday – Self Titled (BNM Records)

This is a nice EP, What these guys do they do it well. They have crafted and written a pretty good, rocking EP, with solid vocals and melodies, good lyrics and great musicianship. The band has spent the time writing and crafting such good tunes which are evident in the tracks This Low, Crawling & These Guys, which is my pick off the EP.  It reminds a little bit of Further Earth, a great Perth band. These guys have been doing it for a while and this is a good EP to get you introduced into the band. It’s a little punky, a little rocky and a little poppy, they could your new favorite band. Enjoyed.


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