• April 21, 2021

Rosaline Yuen – Tiny Goddess review

Rosaline Yuen – Tiny Goddess (ThirtySixBird/Green)

Now to be a good reviewer I need to disclose that yes I have done shows with Rosaline in the way of booking her on a few line ups I have done in the last three years with that in mind. Here is the review. Firstly the album is a lot different from the ep, the guitars get used more and have a real vocal point in the music, they add a lot more to the music. The music itself has more of rocky upbeat edge, the jazz elements using the pianos are still there but a lots of the songs like Open Beast show off how the guitar has a major say in the music. The opening track Everyone is a nice little catchy indie pop ditty that shows off her songwriting which mixes all the elements to make a nice catchy tune that is the one track off the album that is radio hit material. Songs like After The Show, Dangerous Straight still keep the jazz elements and also add a little blues influences, the song feels like in your some seedy little blues dive and you’re hearing the song for the first time and it sucks you in with its energy and you’re drinking top self scotch. Songs like Perfect is another example of indie pop tune which shows off some of her influences and it’s a lovely sweet tune. The end track Honey Bee is quite a catchy track, very poppy and has the heart and soul with the hand clapping and ukulele and is a lot different to all the other tracks on the album. I was really surprised with this album, She always been a great performer and this album is so well written and performed and her band featuring the likes of Ian Kitney have done a marvelous job of performing her tracks and adding their magical touches to the tunes. Her songwriting is really good, she sings really well on this. This is a really classy soulful poppy album that deserves to be your cd collection and I can see why her music was used on Underbelly. Classy Stuff.


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