• May 6, 2021

Natalie Gauci – Tune In Tokyo Interview

Natalie Gauci – Tune In Tokyo

Natalie Gauci has many projects on the go, and one of them is Tune In Tokyo with Paul Brandoli and the two of them have been setting the ARIA dance charts on fire. She is now living in Stockholm writing tunes for Tune In Tokyo, her own music which has been in charts in Germany and writing music for TV and movies and heaps more. so read on and find out more why this talented musician is gonna be a superstar.





1. How did Tune In Tokyo form?

An amazing gal by the name of Gabby Columbi who is Global Pr Pool, introduced to Paul Brandoli and said that we would really get along and she was write!! Dreamer was the first song we ever wrote. We got Dreamer signed straight away and it has just gone up hill from there!! so thanks gabby!! Paul and I have our weekly catch up and too much coffee and give each other amazing energy.

2. How has the transition from your previous style of music to doing electronic music been for you?

well it all started in 2010 when I met Mike from sorryshoes dance label in Germany. He really believed in my music and signed my single Without You and it went top 30 on the german dance charts! we are releasing a third packaage for the European summer!! then i was hooked. I started meeting Dj´s and producers from Spain, Belgium, Berlin, Italy and thanks to Paul and One Love believing in tune in tokyo and my voice Paul and I have created our own sound. Paul had a lot to do with it actually. he was very confident I could do it. we started by experimenting then realised we could do what ever we want, have fun and create alias´s for ourselves, be who we want to be, sometimes im singing what Paul would like to sing and sometimes Paul is producing what I would like to produce which means sometimes I am paul´s voice and he is mine.. if that makes sense?? hehe.

3. How did it feel to have your song Dreamer in the charts?

it felt fricken awesome. We all are so proud of the Dreamer. We also felt like it was time to step it up so Ray of Love is on another level again.. we think it is so important to grow as writers.

4. Why move to Stockholm and how has the move helped your music career?

moving to Stockholm was totally random. I met a woman by the name of Victoria Ekeberg who as literally shown me a side of the music industry I never knew about. I met her at ADE Dance music conference. I went to check it out and promote music for sorryshoes and then I randomly bumped into Victoria at the David Guetta question and answer..and the rest is history. I moved for a new experience and to live in another country and to continue to pursue a music career.

5. Are you generally surprised with how some European countries have taken to your tunes?

well i was suprised when Without You went top 30 Germany and that inspired me to travel to Europe and venture off into the unknown.. and im always surprised of course!!.. but its changed to both a surprise and a gratefulness which makes us enjoy the process. I am privileged to work with such amazing producers and I love working with different labels because it keeps me free and in control of my musical creativity.

6. What what will the upcoming album Tune In Tokyo be about?

the different levels of love and loving..for example love that is found, love that is lost, happiness, strong powerful up lifting tunes!

7. How did it feel to being signed to 4 On The Floor?

I am very honoured and very privileged! It has been so much fun working with Victoria and Jonas we work very fast and Just Dance was the first song we wrote together which also happened very fast!! I think when you click you just click! I had no idea this opportunity would arise and Im so happy and grateful it did.

8. What is next for yourself?

i´m off to Cannes film Festival in a few days. i am writing music for film and TV now and I am working 3Vmedia distributions in Germany and Amadeus Entertainment in Italy..and then Tune In Tokyo are back in the studio writing for our Album and preparing a third single release and a National Tour for July/August.

10. If you could have anybody in a video clip who would it be?

Michael Fassbender

11. Are you happy with the responses to the tunes Just Dance’ and ‘Everybody Loves Me?

yes very!! it is still early days and the songs havent been released yet and already they getting great positive feedback so thats amazing!

12.  What been your favorite place to play so far?

tune in tokyo have been performing in clubs around Australia after the Dreamer release and now we are planning a big live show.. Paul will be DJing and I am performing with him… for me.personally… LA Galaxy game is my biggest so far..88,000 people screaming so loud it was incredible!!!!!

13. Who would you most like to collaborate with?

William Orbit he´s production is timeless.


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