• June 23, 2021

Allison Gray Interview

Allison Gray

Allison Gray is one of the most exciting singer songwriters I have heard in a long time, every song I’ve heard of her is so good, The songs are well written, catchy and beautiful at the same time. She got the talent and the drive to go far. See why and hear why I think she is so good.


1. How did did you get into music?

I started playing piano when I was 3. I come from a musical family, so the arts were always encouraged. I trained as an opera singer for many years and then began songwriting after high school. Songwriting gave me an outlet like nothing else, so at that point I decided to pursue a career in mainstream music.

2. What has been the highlight so far?

Releasing Off My Mind was definitely a highlight. It was the first time I was so involved in a project and really made it my own. That is one of the greatest joys of being an independent artist. > 3. How does it feel to have your music being used on shows? It feels great. There is always a rush of excitement when you all of a sudden hear your voice come on in the background. It can be a little weird, but in a good way. That feeling never gets old.

4. What inspires you when writing music?

I am inspired by life and love. Many times I will have dreams or conversations with friends that will spark an idea. I will play around with it for a while and see if it develops into anything. I am a story teller, so everything is very real and comes from a deep place within.

5. What was the inspiration for the latest release?

Off My Mind was inspired by a big break up and the bad relationships that followed. I was young and clueless about love, but I was hurt and I had a lot to say.

6. Who have you enjoyed playing with recently?

I played a show a few months ago and the band that went on after me was amazing!! The are called The Working Hour. They are very great guys, and very talented.

7. What it is the scene like where you are from?

LA can be a tough city to establish yourself in. There is a very "every man for themselves" mentality. I believe that as artists we should support each other and cross promote. That positive energy and helpful mentality will help everyone’s careers grow. LA is so saturated that many of the decision makers are very jaded, so you have to be very persistent and have great materials in order to get noticed and taken seriously.

8. How has social networking helped your music?

For me social networking is everything. I know that I trust the recommendations of friends and I am always talking to them about what books they are reading, movies they like, TV shows, and music they are into. Social media does that on a world wide scale.

9. What advice could you give to some one wanting to give a career in music a shot?

Decide why you are doing it. It is a long road no matter what it looks like on TV. People have mortgaged their houses, sold everything, and given up successful careers to pursue their dreams in music. You will not get rich quick. There is a lot of hard work, being tired, spending your own money, balancing many responsibilities, rejection, and did I say sacrifice? If you are going to try this crazy business you have to live, love, and breathe music like nothing else.

10. How has touring helped your music?

Touring gives you a chance to get closer to your fans. I love to see their faces and connect with them on a personal level. Many of these people have only seen your webpage, so to see them in person is amazing.

11. Who would the band most like to work with or play with?

The Script. I love everything about them, the lyrics, instrumentation, the melodies. I could go on and on.

12. How has radio and the media received the latest ep?

The general response has been great! The media seems to have a hard time deciding what genre my music is. I have been called folk, pop, soul, adult contemporary, r&b. For me it doesn’t matter what the music is called, as long as people are connecting. I have had a lot of generous support and it has been very humbling.

13. What is next for yourself?

Right now I am recording my next album Barricades. I plan to release it in Summer 2012. I am also involved with Artist Signal, which helps fund indie artists. All it takes is your vote. http://www.artistsignal.com/allisongray


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