• August 3, 2021

2020 Best Of List

This year has been a year and thanks to everybody for their support and every one who contributed to my video so far. Thank you. This is my best of list hope you like it.


People To Watch Out For In 2021

These are separate posts which I have linked to here.

Michelle Ellen Jones

Ella Cannon

Alicia Sky

Destiny Love

Abby Ramsay

Kara Connolly

People That Matter In 2020

Michelle Crupi

Photographer: Morgan Grether http://www.grethershot.com Photo provided by Michelle

She continues to impress me, doing incredible stuff in New York City. She is a force to reckon with Masters in Social Work and Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology at Columbia University. Yes she has both of those as well as having an amazing catalog of film and TV work as an actor. This talented smart lady is going places.. Was so honored she filmed something for my video. She is an amazing friend and an amazing talent who I am very lucky to know

Kayla Patrick

Photo copyright respected holders taken from her Facebook page.

She record a live acoustic video clip for her song Weeping Willow. It’s truly excellent and she also kindly filmed something for my video and let me use that song for the video.

Jane’s Party

This band landed on my radar because of their publicist. I was hooked and then got all their albums via a bandcamp deal. Also contributed to my video and let me use two songs.

Hilary Kennedy

Still one of my favorite people period. She is such a lovely person. Doing amazing work with The Blaze. So grateful she agreed to film something for my video.

Caity Lynn

Photo provided by Caity

A talented actor from America who is doing good things and is making a name for herself. She is somebody to watch out for. She going to go very far with her acting. She kindly agreed to film something for my video.

Hanna Ashcroft

Photo by Stephen Tilley

An amazing New Zealand singer songwriter. Who released one of the best EP’s of the year.

Alex Van Zeelandt

Photo by LMG Images

Alex is one of my favorite people period. Meeting her in 2018 was a dream come true. She an actor and a model who does amazing stuff. She is an incredible talent.

Em George

Photo by Sam McAdam-Cooper

Talented Australian singer songwriter with a solid catalogue of music. One talented musician is going to take the world by storm.

Michelle Baena

Photos by Chaz Photographics

I’ve enjoyed interviewing Michelle over the years. So hopefully one day we get to hang out when ever that is.

Amanda Jordan

Photo by Rob Waymen Photography

Another amazing Canadian country singer songwriter who to me is going to be one of the next big things in country music. To me worldwide. She is the complete package.

Amanda Webster

Photo provided by Amanda

A lady doing good work with mental health have interviewed her a bunch of times.

Jessika Johnson

Photo copyright respected holders

Jessika Johnson is one of my favorite people I have interviewed. She a talented actor as well as being a model. I’ve enjoyed interviewing her over the years.

Nicole Simone/Late July

Photo copyright respected holders

Musician, Does Dog Rescue with her charity Redemption Paws. She has a series on YouTube called On A List which she wrote, co-directed, produced and stars in the romantic dramedy about vulnerability and falling in love. Also, does the music. She really is an incredible talent.


Photo by Alexander Matthew Images

Even though Hen no longer is doing music. she still one of my favorite people interviewed on the site. Now doing stuff with Animals which is amazing.

Lilly Lev

Photo by David Muller

Lilly Lev is a Russian living in America. She a fantastic actor and has been a singer. She was fun to interview, she a person to watch out for.

Katie Laurel Smith

Photos by Art Heffron

An inspiration in these times. She has a blog and has been putting out videos on her experiences and her life in 2020. She is an remarkable woman. Phenomenal singer songwriter who continues to keep on impressing. She is one of my favorite people I have interviewed and some one who I would really like to meet one day when ever that is.


Photo by Lauren Desberg provided by Casey

Casey is a talented singer songwriter from America who is some one I have been a fan of for a while. Got to meet her in 2018 and interview her in person. She truly delivers as a singer and a songwriter. The work she does around bully prevention is extraordinary. She continues to keep releasing incredible music and I for one are a fan. She will always have my support.

The Southern Loom/Wild Flower Swimwear

Photos by Laura Morsman Photography

Laura continues to impress with both of her businesses selling rugs and her swimwear line. If you need a nice vintage rug or swimwear check out what she is doing at these links. https://www.thesouthernloom.com/ https://wildflowerswimwear.com/


Monroe is a talented songwriter who I have known for a number of years. Always so lovely to me. She always so hard working and keeps writing amazing tunes for others and has an excellent catalog of music.\

Olivia May

Photo by Sela Shiloni

Talented actor as well as being a talented singer songwriter. I’ve always been a huge fan of what she does.


Photos by Kristen Rae Photography

An amazing singer songwriter who I have known for a number of years. She also a favorite interview of mine. Keeps continuing to make amazing music. She is going places.

Photo copyright respected holders

Kate Earl

Photo copyright respected holders

Kate Earl is one of my all time favorite singer songwriters and have been supporting her for years. She is an incredible talent who I will always support.

Sophie Armstrong

Photograph by Phil Crozier

To say Sophie Armstrong is a work of art is an understatement. She is phenomenally beautiful and an incredible violinist. I have been a fan of Sophie work for years and she knows how to make music shine. She has a number of amazing releases in her catalog of music and she has some stunning video clips. She continues to keep making amazing music.

Rebecca Ray

Photos copyright respected holders

Rebecca Ray is a talented American actor who is making a name for herself. With a role in the 2020 comedy Irresistible. She has worked on the show The Gifted and has a part in the film Allegiant. She is doing good things and is a name to watch out for.

Alessia Cohle

Photo by Shannah Lauren Provided by Alessia

Alessia Cohle is a talented Canadian country singer songwriter. She released an amazing song All Good this year. She continues to keep releasing amazing music this year.

Shannon Hurley

Photo by MF Dinan

I adore what Shannon Hurley does. She a phenomenal singer songwriter. I have all of her albums and EP’s. I think she is a remarkable talent and will continue to keep supporting. I hope one day I finally get to meet her when ever that is.

Rya Meyers

Photos copyright respected holders.

Rya is one of my favorite people interviewed. Now a mother of two, she still keeps on impressing being a real estate agent and still acting. She still doing amazing stuff.

Elise Jackson

Photo by Adam Hendershott

Elise is a talented actor, screenwriter and is involved in a theater group for children. I’ve enjoyed interviewing Elise over the years and she still is a phenomenal talent.

Albums of The Year

Caveboy – Night in the Park, Kiss in the Dark

Amazing Canadian Band this album is mind blown, great vocals, production is first rate. This all female band just delivers.

The Midnight – Monsters

The Midnight delivers an another amazing album. It’s a winner in my book.

Jordan F – Memory Collision

Mr Jordan F delivers another incredible album. Truly epic in my book.

At 1980 – A Thousand Miles

This is the diamond standard of Synthwave in my book. Just great music done really well.

Nina – Synthian

Nina delivers another awesome Synthwave album truly great in my book.

Wave Break Soundtrack

An amazing Synthwave soundtrack worthy of your ears.

Robert Parker – Club 707

Another winner from one of the legends of Synthwave and a hero in real life too.

Singles’ and EP’s

Amanda Rogers – Winter Butterfly

Amanda Rogers is my favorite singer songwriter period and whatever she does I will always get behind and this is no different.

Lightyears (feat. September 87) by Dream Fiend

Great song, great clip. Can’t wait to hear a full album by September 87 when ever that is.

Stranger Love by Ollie Wride & Sunglasses Kid

If any song is my favourite of the year, this is it. The production, the vocals it’s all here and it’s amazing.

Ollie Wride – Juliette

Ollie other great song this year is also a winner.

Change Her Mind by Jane’s Party

When I heard this, I was hooked and ended up buying everything they have done. Amazing band.

Hanna Ashcroft – Start Again

Hanna Ashcroft is a talent artist from New Zealand. This EP is excellent and worthy of your ears.

Samantha Schultz – Fire Breather

Truly a great song, a great singer songwriter who continues to impress.

Alexa Borden – England

I adore what Alexa Borden does and this is a great song by her. An excellent artist.

Em George – Wolves

An amazing Australian singer songwriter who has released an excellent EP and it won’t be long until everybody will wanna work with her.

Vic Allen – Healing/I Can

Both these songs by Vic Allen are excellent. Great UK Country singer songwriter doing amazing stuff.

Alicia Sky – Blame It On Mercury

Alicia is one of my favorite people period and this is an excellent song by her and the clip is great also.

Crockett – Going Home

Crockett does no wrong by me and this is the new song and it’s an excellent Synthwave track

Earthshifter – Horizons

An amazing Synthwave track by Earthshifter. Production is great too

Alessia Cohle – All Good

Great song by an amazing country musician from Canada. She is an incredible talent and the song and video clip is great.

Catherine Traicos – Closer to You

I adore what Catherine does and her new song is excellent.

Katie Cole – Hands Tied/Lie To Me

I’ve known Katie Cole for years and her new songs are excellent. She is an amazing singer songwriter and these songs just add to her incredible catalogue of music.

Destiny Marie Love – Dirty Little Lies (Taking Back My Power)

This is a great tune by Destiny, she is an amazing singer and this captures her well.

Michael Oakley – Queen Of Hearts

Michael is a phenomenal musician and this is a great tune by him. The song he did with Ollie Wride – Wake Up!, is one of the best of the year.

Laces – worship

I’ve been supporting Laces since 2004 and this is an excellent song by her worthy of your support. She is a first class talent.

Vaudeville Smash – I Like Video Games

When the Vaudeville Smash release music it’s magic. This is their new song I Like Video Games and it’s truly amazing. Can’t wait for the new album.

KILNS – Shooting Star

KILNS are an excellent band and Shooting Star is a great tune. Can’t wait to see them live again soon.

Lauren Jenkins – Ain’t That Hard

Amazing country singer songwriter who new tune this year was released independent and it’s excellent. She has been doing loads of live streams online which is amazing.

All The Damn Vampires – Escape EP

One of the best EP of the year. Great synthwave music worthy of your ears. Crank it loud.

Rachel Layne – Waiting for a Miracle

An amazing song by Rachel and it’s a beautifully written and sung song worthy of your ears.

Craft Beer

I love craft beer and these legendary places in Melbourne were awesome in 2020

Far Side Beer

My local basically and getting beer from these legends in lock down was great. Always an awesome time and great beers indeed.

Bar SK

Was my favourite place to have a drink at, sadly shut down this year but always had a good night there.

Purvis Beer

Great place to get beer from. That it’s really.


One of the legends at Bar SK is now at Beermash and always a great place to have an awesome beer at and get takeaways.

East Of Everything

These legends delivered food in the lock down as well as take away beer and the food was excellent as were the beers. Can’t wait to go back again and get a meal and a beer on tap.


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