• May 6, 2021

Michelle Ellen Jones -A Person to watch out for in 2021

Photos by Marcus Sabom/HMTB Photos. Wearing outfits by Masha Turlupova. Photos provided by Michelle. Last three photos taken from here https://www.mashaturlupova.com/dance-designs

Ok there are people I champion on this site because I think what the work that they do is amazing. Also they are an amazing person, just genuine and just really lovely. Michelle Ellen Jones is one of those people. She is an actor, ball room dancer and a teacher in that. She teaches yoga and is a pageant coach. In addition having a degree in Kinesiology. I first came across her in 2015 and was immediately impressed with what she was doing and had to interview her which happened and was a great interview.

I got to meet her in 2018. She and her husband couldn’t be nicer. Found a spot for both of us that work and a great interview and photos were taken. She has a hard-working attitude that has landed her movie roles and so on. With more people behind her and new head shots, it’s only going to help her get more amazing work. What I wrote down here below in my magazine, still rings true so had to use it again.

Her hard-working attitude is inspiring. Seeing someone just do it and make it all happen is amazing. Its things like these is why people want to work with her, why she keeps getting work. If they don’t know her name by now, they will very soon. Mark my words.

This is why she is one of my people to watch out for in 2021. I am very lucky to be able to know this amazing talented lady. She kindly filmed some stuff for me for my 20 years so far project. She is the real deal an amazing talent that keeps on impressing and doing amazing work.


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