• January 26, 2021

Kara Connolly – A Person To Watch Out for 2021

Photos by Betsy Newman

The minute I came across Kara Connolly I was hooked. She is one of my favorite discoveries of the last 5 years. she kindly contributed to my 20 years so far which isn’t out yet. There was something about her music that appealed to me. She is just so super lovely and anybody who takes the time to appreciate the support they are getting from a small time site like myself deserves all my support.  She really is a total sweetheart. Her debut album Life In Rear View is a masterpiece. She is a talented singer songwriter as she is a excellent actor. She continues to deliver in all that she is doing and like a lot of people is using social media in this time to get herself out there and be creative and engaging. She is some one I am very keen to meet but who knows when. She rocks and will always have my support. What can I say but her catalogue of music is excellent. She is an exciting singer songwriter. She can write and sing such amazing music. The stuff she does for others is also excellent. She also an amazing actor. She really can do it all. This is why she is a person to watch out for in 2021.



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