• September 24, 2020

Two new amazing songs now out

Photo by Shari Hoffman

Laces is some one I have been supporting since 2004. Yes that long in all forms of her music. She has a new song out called worship and yes it’s an incredible track by her and it’s out right now at all good digital music retailers. https://headbtchmusic.ffm.to/worship

Images provided by Olivia King

Olivia King has a new song out now and it’s available at all good digital retailers. This is what she had to say about it.

TAKE A SHOT IS OUT!! I wrote this one at the beginning of quarantine when my anxiety was at an all time high. Doing much better now but I’m so excited to release this one because you guys seem to really be relating and connecting to it. I hope this song can help get you past any anxiety you may be feeling at this weird time.


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