• September 24, 2020

Americana-pop singer-songwriter, CF WATKINS, releases “THE TELL”

Americana-pop singer-songwriter, Cf Watkins, has released “The Tell,” the latest single – and first video – from her upcoming album, Babygirl, due out October 16, 2020, on Whatever’s Clever Records.

Watkins describes Babygirl as “an album meant for other women to hear — with songs that are vulnerable and powerful. Sometimes that meant turning a feeling of self-consciousness and lack of confidence into a sort of rallying cry,” which is abundantly evident on “The Tell.” “I was not feeling confident about myself when I sat down to write, but instead of writing about that, I decided to write it as if I was confident, as if I knew I was enough, as if I believed I didn’t need anyone’s approval- because I thought the more I sang it, the more I might start to believe it.”

Based in Brooklyn for the past nine years, Watkins’ Americana-pop style embodies the influences of her North Carolina roots. Performing since the age of fourteen, she has shared the stage with acts like Langhorne Slim, Future Birds, Chatham County Line, Wilder Maker, Lowland Hum, and Alpenglow. Her 2016 debut release, I Am New, as well as the single, “Frances and Jack,” were produced by Daniel Goans of Lowland Hum at White Star Studios.

For the recording of Babygirl, Watkins collaborated with Max Hart, a producer and multi-instrumentalist who has previously worked with artists like The War On Drugs, Katy Perry, and Melissa Etheridge. The album portrays her growth as both a person and a woman. “When I think about my last album, I feel I was writing songs about weakness,” Watkins says. “With this album, I made a conscious effort to write songs about the power of choosing yourself.”

Babygirl will be released on October 16, 2020, and Cf Watkins will be unveiling additional singles and videos surrounding the release.


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