• April 15, 2021

Tupelo Honey – Caught Up In The Excess album review.

Tupelo Honey – Caught Up In The Excess – (Wax Records/Warner Music Canada)

I normally don’t review albums I buy, just because I prefer reviewing stuff I get sent and you know that is how I’ve always done it. But there is the rare occasion where I’ve bought something that I think people just need to hear and this is one of those occasions. Tupelo Honey are a rock band from Canada and I discovered them thru my one of my favourite websites Alternative Addiction and let me tell you I reckon this one of the best rock albums you will hear this year, I would go as far and say it’s my favourite of the year. They play modern rock music and they do it just rick. From the opening rock anthem Pull Me Closer to the end album track Last Thing is a good solid album that mixes up the energetic pumping tracks like Pull Me Closer, Falling, Best I Could & Reason to the balladeers tracks like One Step, Moment. They do it just right. But not only do you get this kick ass 9 track rock album, you get 6 of their earlier songs redone as acoustic versions that sound incredible with strings and use of keyboard just make them sound something special. Dan who is the lead singer of the band has a great voice that suits the music well and he and the band know how to write and play such good tunes. I really dug this album in a huge way. I’ve always loved modern rock music but when it’s done so well like this, it deserves to be told about. If their is only one modern rock album you buy this year, make sure it’s this one you won’t be disappointed. 


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