• April 15, 2021

T&N Interview


T&N are a heavy metal band from America. The band members have been in the band Dokken. The band debut album Slave To The Empire features some guest vocalist such as Sebastian Bach. The album is a cracker so I Interview with Jeff Pilson from the band about it all.


1. Are things different for you now from when you started out all those years ago?’
1. I’m a little more focused on the music and I think I’m better than I’ve ever been at what I do.
2. What was the inspiration for the album?
2. An opportunity for George and I to work together, to bring in good friends Brian and Mick and to make music we love. Plus it’s so great to have an outlet for singing- so fulfilling!
3. Why re-record some Dokken songs for the album?
3. To tie in the old and the new. Besides we’d end up playing a lot of Dokken live anyways!
4. How did Sebastian Bach get involved in the album?
4. Hes a friend and his manager is a friend, so we made the call. I knew he’d kick ass on a Dokken song.
5. What inspires you now when writing songs?
5. Life, what’s going on in the world, inequality
6.What was the recording process like for the album?
6. George and I wrote the music, then we did the drums with Brian. At that point we still thought it was going to be Lynch Mob. Then when that changed, I started working on lyrics and then George and I got together to finalize it and I did the vocals. The Dokken songs came later.
7. If you put the ultimate festival together who would be on the bill?
7. GnR, Slash, Duff, Adler, Kill Devil Hill and T&N!!!!!
8. Is their anybody you would like to work with, that you haven’t worked with yet?
8. I’ve never actually worked with Warren DeMartini- that’d be fun. I also love David Coverdale
9. Will we see the band go out on tour for the album?
9. probably not til next year and the next record.
10. What would be find on your stereo at the moment?
10. Muse, Black Country Communion, Adler, new Slash
11. What does 2013 mean for the band?
11. Another record and playing live- can’t wait!!!
12. How important is connecting with your fans?
12. It’s more important than record sales now. That’s where social media has become central. People don’t sell records like they once did, but you can get a scene together by cvonnecting with fans over the net and through social media. That’s the future of music promotion.


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