• April 15, 2021

Elise Jackson Interview

Elise Jackson


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Elise Jackson has been one of my favorite people to have interviewed in the last few years,  She is an incredibly attractive, talented actor  doing good things. Winning awards for her screenplays. This girl is going places. So read on what she has to say.


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1. What have you worked on recently you have really enjoyed?

I just wrapped a horror film called The Blood Let.  I got to play a really cool and sexy vampire named Star.  This was an indie film so it was shot low budget over the course of a year.  There was lots of blood, tight outfits, and I have a different hair color in every scene… it was definitely a good time!

2. How does it feel to win awards for your screenwriting?

It feels amazing!  Submitting my work to be judged was nerve racking.  When you complete a screenplay, you obviously feel like it’s a winner but you really don’t know how other people will react to it.  Having industry pros read and love my work has really encouraged me to keep at it.

3. How is that different for you to your acting?

The biggest difference is that everything about the screenplay comes from my imagination.  When I act, I get to make a lot of choices in terms of how lines are delivered and how a character’s emotions gradually come through in a project, but I am pretty much stuck to the series of lines and actions written in the script.  As a writer, I get to decide where every scene and every character ends up.  It’s actually a cool acting exercise because instead of only playing one character, it’s like I get to play all of them.

4. What inspires you when writing screenplays?

Mostly I’m inspired by everyday life.  With my screenplay Mischief Makers, I was largely inspired by my young cousins and the kids that participate in my youth theater company.  I also love to read and was actually inspired by the Greek tragedy Agamemnon for my screenplay To Honor and Obey.

4. How is working on web series different to a tv series?

Most web series are a lot shorter than TV series.  So the action has to happen faster.  Web series are fun because they can be made on a lower budget and give you access to a worldwide audience that you might not have access to on a normal TV show.  Web series are also a great way to get your face out there and build up your resume and demo reel.


5. What have you seen recently you have really enjoyed?

I just saw Argo and thought it was fantastic.  I loved everything about it – acting, cinematography, costumes, etc.

6. What inspires you now as an actor?

I’m inspired by characters that are a little quirky and have interesting back stories.  Playing the pretty girl-next-door roles are fun but I like more of a challenge and really come alive when there’s more to the character that I can bite into.

7. Would you ever like to direct?

I would love it! I have so much respect for directors.  They have to see the entire project as a whole before shooting even begins and that takes a lot of talent

8. Why start up Yorba Linda Spotlight Theater Company and how important is it to you?

My business partner and I started Spotlight 10 years ago.  When the local youth theater closed, we realized that something was needed to keep the arts alive for the young people of our community.  This has become increasingly important with the budget cuts happening in California.  Unfortunately, the arts programs seem to be the first thing to go from schools.  Performing is so important for kids, especially those who are still coming out of their shells.  Plus, it’s fun!

9. What would we find you listening to at the moment?

Bruno Mars.  Love him.

10. What do you like to do to unwind?

Nothing beats a cold glass of champagne, pizza, and an episode of Modern Family!

11. What do you do to keep yourself looking so amazing always?

You know, I’m lucky enough not to have to diet like crazy – which I know is irritating to hear.  I do try and make healthier food choices and I also run and hike when I can fit it in.

12. Who have you most enjoyed working with recently?

I shot a commercial for Marshalls department stores last year and the spokeswoman for the chain is a genius comedy actress named Jessica St. Clair.  She was hilarious and I basically spent the entire shoot laughing.

13. What tv show would you most like to work on at the moment?

It would be amazing to work on Modern Family.  That show is so well written and has such great characters!  It seems like the cast would be a blast on set.



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