• August 3, 2021

The Getback Interview

The Getback

The Get Back

The band answers my questions

1. How did the band form?

Juan: in march of 1998 Jose asked me to help with his punk project,

so he and Danny showed up at my house to practice a few songs. About 8

months later I brought in Gus, who was bored playing his guitar at home,

and he ended up in the band. We had our fun playing tons of shows, until

last year, about June of 2002, when we sat down and decided to take

things a little more seriously, release a record and tour. That’s when

The Getback was officially born.

2. What were your major influences?

Jose: as a band we take all kinds of influences, from ’60s rock

roll to punk to pop, and all in between. And bands like The Ramones, the

Stones and Guns n’ Roses.

Danny: each person in the band comes from a different musical

background. Everything from The Stones, Fugazi, Ramones, to one of my

personal favorites, The Beach Boys. Since we all listen to a lot of

different music, I think many times we influence each other.

Gus: Guns n’ Roses and the Rolling Stones.

Juan: we all come from different musical backgrounds… punk,

hardcore, rock n’ roll. I would name Guns n’ Roses, the Ramones, the

Stones, and maybe newer bands like Green Day and Alkaline Trio. Still, I

don’t think we sound like any of these bands.

3. If you could have a three band bill, who would they be?

Jose: I might’ve just said that in the last question, but let
me add

a little to it: Ramones 1978, the Stones1968, Guns n’ Roses 1989.

Danny: Right now, I’d have to say Fugazi, Refused, and The


Gus: AC/DC, Guns n’ Roses, the Stones.

Juan: a reunited Guns n’ Roses (original line-up), Refused, and

Ramones (cause I never got to see them live).

4. What music do you class yourselves as?

Jose: I always tell people we play rock and roll; sometimes i

punk, too.

Danny: I’d say we’re a rock band who likes playing punk.

Gus: rock n roll /punk rock.

Juan: we have a hard time trying to describe our music. Some of

songs are more on the punk side, and some are on the rock n’ roll side.

However, I wouldn’t say we play “punk rock n’ roll”. I don’t really like

that term; I could be wrong but to me “punk rock n’ roll” sounds like we

are a bunch of drunks who play sloppy punk, and that’s definitely not

the case. Let’s just call it rock n’ roll, since it is more of a broader

term. I guess in the end it doesn’t matter what it is as long as we like

playing it, and people like hearing it.

5. Where do you think you will be in 10 years?

Jose: in a jacuzzi

Danny: hopefully still playing shows. That would be great!

Gus: somewhere still playing music .

Juan: hopefully still playing.

6. what has been your best gig you have played so far?

Jose: our CD release show; that night was a blast. We sounded

and had a lot of fun on stage.

Danny: our CD release show was great. We were all really excited

it showed on stage. Another show that comes to mind is when we played

with Fun People (Hardcore/Punk from Argentina) a few years back. That

night was a blast.

Gus: our CD release party

Juan: Yeah, our CD release show was really good. A
lot of friends,

good sound, good energy. We’ve gotten to play with cool bands, like

Tsunami Bomb, Fun People, Cadillac Blindside, Breaking Pangea and a few

more I can’t remember right now.

7. what made you want to go out and play music?

Jose: I don’t really know. I bought my first guitar so I could

a band; I figured I’d learn how to play along the way.

Danny: being on stage and rocking out is a great feeling. I can’t

think of anything i’d rather do.

Gus: I went to see a Guns n’ Roses concert when I was 13 and I

I have to do this.

Juan: I always wanted to play drums, since I was a little kid.
I just

loved banging on those things and being able to make a beat for people

to follow. And making and playing music is an outlet for the four of us,

an escape from everything else and a way of releasing all the bullshit


8. What’s your fav type of beer?

Jose: Red Stripe.

Danny: right now, it would have to be Heineken.

Gus: Corona, I guess.

Juan: I barely drink any alcohol.

9. Who would you most like to record a song with?

Jose: Jon Spencer seems like he’s a real fun guy in the studio.

pick him, Jon Spencer!

Danny: Ian Mackeye and Guy Piciotto.

Gus: Stevie Ray Vaughan would’ve been awesome.

Juan: Slash! I want a song featuring Slash on guitar!

10. do you have any stuff out?

We have a 7-song EP called Right About Now, which is available online

at www.interpunk.com

Thanks for your time. Any last words?

You can download a few of our songs at
www.mp3.com/thegetback and at

www.thegetback.com and thanks to
you, Chris, for the interview!


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