• April 15, 2021

The Crayon Set EP Review

The Crayon Set EP (Self Released) 
Crayon Set are an Irish alternative pop rock with a dash of folk band
with a female singer that have released their latest release a really
well written enjoyable EP that is a great stepping stone for the band.
The first song No 1 Fan is a catchy track that shows off the band
musicianship,song writing and vocals, it has a really early 90’s sound.
Its a song that I could see easily been played on collage and youth
based radio stations and people going nuts for it. I Wanted You has a
real pop edge to the tune and I love the use of piano is a really sweet
touch. K+J=0 has a great touch with the violin and flute. It’s not
catchy like the other two songs, it’s really haunting and sweet. The
music is beautiful written and performed. Wonderland is another catchy
song and finishes off the EP, it’s like the first song but a bit more
rocker and has the male guitarist sings with females in the band as
backing vocals and it sounds sweet. I did not know what to expect when I
heard this bands music but was pleasantly supervised how enjoyable
their music was. It is very much worth a listen so check it out. 


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