• April 21, 2021

Grand Atlantic – Constellations album Review

Grand Atlantic – Constellations (Self Released)

Grand Atlantic have released their new album Constellations, which is a cracker of a pop release, real pop music that with guitars, drum and a bass. It starts of Searchlights with its solid melodies, rhythms and great guitar playing, vocals shine.  Central Station Blues has more of edgy rocking sound, a real brit pop vibe to it, catchy and rocking and some good lyrics work. Carved From Stone is melodic and rocking at the same time, Constellations the title track has a real Aussie 90’s pop sound mixed with a dash of brit pop, reminds me a lot of Oasis. Mountain Too Steep shows off the songwriting, production, lyrics and musicianship of the band. It’s not as energetic as say some of the other tracks but lets the music speaks for itself. Poison To The Vine is like Constellations has that real 90’s Aussie pop rock sound that we were used to hear on triple j, it has an edginess to it that grabs you from the first note. Little Traps is a little edgy,melodic and vocals shine here as does the band. Fresh Ideas In Home Security to me is a radio hit in the making, catchy, groovy, edgy and I could see crowds going nuts for it. Voyager would be one of my picks off the album, has an awesome alt country blues feel to the song from the way is song is structured and the way the song is sung and performed. N.M.L. has the same sort of the feel from the last song as the intro but then rocks into a rocking little number that shines. The last track Queenie is an acoustic number which  lots of bands do but it finishes off the album on a solid note. I thought this album was good, song and production were there. The band has got talent, this album shows that, I can see lovers of good proper pop music getting this already and will no doubt be spreading the word to their fans. I say check it out.


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