• April 15, 2021

Simone And Girlfunkle – Self Titled (Self Released) Review

Simone And Girlfunkle – Self Titled (Self Released)

Now here a lovely a release by a band who have two lovely female singers sing so sweetly it’s infectious. The songs are beautifully written, every melody and note just work so perfectly together. It’s really well done folk music that has been done right that makes you stand up and take notice. It’s more so notable in the opening track Sailing. Songs like Passive are like haunting journeys. The use of the violin is a lovely touch throughout the ep. The vocals by Bridget and Gabrielle are fantastic, they are such good singers and the songs are written so good, that the vocals just fall into place easily and suit the music to a tea. Chilly Cold is a lovely upbeat song, that really catchy and makes you buzz and feel the groove of the tune. Casanova let’s the vocals shine and they truly stand out. Has a bit of a Spanish feel. Probably my pick off the ep. Moleta is another good track. Good use of drums and it just really really works. The remix of Passive is fine and finishes off the ep well. This is a good solid release for a Australia act. the songs are solid, the vocals are amazing and the band is perfectly suited to the music. If you love folk music and you love it done right. Get this, you will not be disappointed.


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