• April 15, 2021

Bright Knights – The Ocean And The Night (Self Released) review

Bright Knights – The Ocean And The Night (Self Released)

At times I can have cd’s sitting for a while because the real world takes it tole. But like Sons Of Rico amazing debut album Reactions come another winning debut album for an indie rock/alt rock Aussie band doing something really well done and just screams you need this. From the opening note on the starting track Post Modern Lines you are hearing something well thought out and really well performed. The vocals and the lyrics really stand out. This Love has hints of The Temper Trap and shows of the musicianship of the band, solid vocals and lyrics and captures the songwriting as well. Claude Monet would be one of my picks off the album because of the way the song structured, the way it is sung, the lyrics and of coarse how it is performed. It’s quite a catchy track and I could easily see Triple J playing it. Bright Lights also screams radio play, it’s a catchy track with good lyrics, guitar riffs and licks and solid vocals. It’s one of those songs, that crowds would go nuts for. With Ocean Eyes, I love the use of organ/keyboard. It adds something else to track and makes it one of the highlights off the album. The vocals and lyrics as well as the musicianships are fine. Cold Faces is another pick off the album, it’s well written and well played. Explosions and Gun is a ballad style track with the use of piano at the start of the track and use of backing vocals sung by Elle Skies who also feature on Claude Monet & Explosions are a really nice touch. Black Cars is another energetic track full of great vocals and melodies. It’s a bit more rocker than most of the track but it works and adds to the album. Fighter is another pick off the album, another pick for radio play, it’s energetic, fast paced and really enjoyable to listen to and the vocals truly shine here. Lovers is another track that is energetic reminds me a bit of The Temper Trap, it’s got some great guitar playing and solid vocals. It finishes off with Oh Brother a good way to finish off the album, it’s nicely written, sung and well played and captures the bands sound and style nicely. The production of this album is first class, the band has spent the time and money making something worth while and you the listeners are rewarde


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