• May 6, 2021

Shannon Hurley – California Album Review

Shannon Hurley – California (Self Released)

You know, I love a good singer songwriter as much as I love a good band. Enter Shannon Hurley, I had heard about her for years and I finally heard some stuff recently and enjoyed it. This new album of her is something really special, something that should be cherished. She is an amazing singer songwriter who can write such lovely pop songs both in the catchy upbeat world as well as the beautiful ballad. Slow Down starts off the album well with a nice beautifully written ballad tune that shows off her songwriting, vocals and musicianship with her and her band. California the title track, is another winning track, it’s well written, performed, lyrics are good and you can feel her passion for her songs coming thruout the music. Signs Of Life is the catchy upbeat energetic pop tune that well written with some excellent piano playing. Looking For Sunshine has excellent piano playing as well. The band behind her work well with her and help bring her amazing tunes to life. The songs are very well produced and are a joy to the ears. Beg Steal Borrow would be my pick off the album, it also should be the radio single off the album, that’s my pick. It’s just a beautifully written song, with good lyrics, solid vocals and everything just feels right. Stay is another pick as well, just another catchy upbeat pop tune that full of life and energy. It’s a great tune. Hollywood + Vine is a track that a little bit different to the rest, lyrics and how it is constructed. It’s a good tune, use of electric guitar really stands out as does the drum machine. Another pick for me is In Your Shoes, just a well written song that is really sung well. How Long is like Hollywood + Vine, the use of guitar and drum machine are used in a good way and make the song a little bit different.  If I Could also fits in the same category and her vocals really do stand out, has almost rocky soul feel to it. The last song You With Me is a winner of track another song that she should make a song for radio play. Her voice really stands out and ls a beautifully sweet song that full of life and harmonies. I loved this album, Shannon is an amazing songwriter, she knows how to write beautifully sweet tunes that a such a joy to the ears. Would be one of my favourite albums of the year so far. You need this.


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