• May 6, 2021

Popboomerang X-Mas Merch Showbag Only 30 Available

http://popboomerangrecords.bandcamp.com/merch/x-mas-merch-showbag-only-30-available get one these for somebody for Xmas.  There are only 30 available. Includes “Aches & Shakes” Popboomerang 10th birthday album (40 tracks), “Aches & Shakes T Shirt”, Popboomerang Cap, MUG, Stubby Holder, Tote Bag, Poster, Badge & Keyring!  Only $30 it’s a bargain.

Scott Thurling who runs Popboomerang Records is a very good friend of mine and support all that he does.

He will be getting Best Label on my annual Best Of List.  So it’s worth getting is  this  Xmas Pack.




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