• April 21, 2021

Kate Martin – Hand Me My Bow And Arrow Album Review

Kate Martin – Hand Me My Bow And Arrow (Shock Records)

You know when you get told about an artist and then you go check them out for yourself and your completely blown away Kate Martin is one of those artists and makes you go why did I not discover her earlier and this is her latest album released earlier in the year, and it’s nothings short of a Masterpiece. Good songwriting, vocals, lyrics, production plus a solid band behind her makes this an album to be discovered and cherish. She is doing something special it’s a little pop, a little rock in places but mix it together, you get something good. It starts off with the song Smooth Talk (Is All Talk) which is layered with melodies vocals and this way of drawing you in like magic. Apples is one of my picks off the album, it’s a great song, great vocals, great musicianship, amazing guitar playing, it’s a catchy tune and I love the use of the backing vocals, it’s a good touch to the song. Candle Burnin’ Wax Drippin’ has a great intro with the use of the acoustic guitar alongside Kate great vocals then launches into a magical song that is extremely well written and really works. Embers Burn is another great tune, love the use of electric guitar on the track and Kate amazing voice besides it. Love the use of strings and keys. Such a killer tune. The Earth Resonates is another winner of a track, great vocals, great musicianship and I love the use the two people talking in the bridge. Malleable is another pick off the album for me, it’s a lovely tune Kate voice is incredible here, the use of strings just adds to the tune. Friendly Fish is another pick off me, love the lyrics here and the vocals and the use of backing vocals. It’s a catchy tune. The Great Divorce is another solid tune, the use of less instruments or more so not over baring lets Kate vocals and her lyrics plus her amazing songwriting shine. Etiquette is another winner, the use of drums, electric guitar, keys and synth make this a magical song. Just so beautifully written and performed. It’s another pick off the album for me. The Darkest Sky (I’d Ever Seen) has the good use of electric guitar and use of Kate as backing vocals alongside her is a good choice. Nocturnal is another winner of a track and finishes off the album on a good note. Another pick off the album off the album for me. When I went to see her live I did not know what I was gonna get but what I got was something amazing and special, this album shows that and more. This album is worthy of your collection, it now proudly sits in mine.


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