• August 3, 2021

Parx-e Guide To Melbourne

So middle of last year I decided I wanted to do a video series on Melbourne like I did with my trip to America which I will be planning to do again. I did 4 interviews with some amazing talented people which were done majority late last year. Three amazing singer songwriters Imogen Clark, Skyscraper Stan and Victor Stranges. Plus one of my favorite places in Melbourne to have a beer Bar SK. But I had been sitting on these for a while and decided it’s time to get them out into the world and decided to make them audio only. My go to voice over and intro person the amazing Destiny Love did the intro and it’s amazing.

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Imogen Clark

If their is anybody who is the true word of genuine Imogen Clark is it. She is a talented country singer songwriter who is just incredibly lovely and just so inspiring. This is the second time I have interviewed her and she was just lovely to me, appreciated me interviewing her. Since this interviewed she has toured overseas.


Skyscraper Stan

Skyscraper Stan I meet years ago at an industry conference thing and he was super lovely to me, I saw him again a year ago at a gig and re connected. He is a super talented singer songwriter who happens to just come from New Zealand like I do. This is a great interview we talk all things music. He has his new album out now Golden Boy Vol. i and Vol ii and he is going on tour.


Victor Stranges

Victor I meet years ago at an industry night and we hit it off. He is a talented singer songwriter with loads of talent. He also just a great guy all round. He was a great interview and has lots to say. He also doing a show in November which will be a lot of fun Victor Stranges & The Methinks, Man City Sirens, The Reasons at The Last Chance Rock’n’Roll Bar November 3rd 8.30pm Doors $10


Bar SK

What can I say but Bar SK rocks. I ironically found this place on Smith St to have a drink before going to a gig. I was grab by the name of the local craft breweries they have on the front of their establishment. It’s also where I first tried The Matriarch by CoConspirators Brewing Co. They specialize in DIY video games and they have hosted some pretty cool events. I just love going to the place. If you didn’t know I love craft beer. So after going their plenty of times I just had to interview the two legends who run the place. The fine establishment is on 90 Smith St in Collingwood and I shall be pop in tonight by the time this is up.



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