• January 26, 2021

New Music For You

Even with the release of his upcoming album, Goodnight Riverdale Park (out on October 11), Suitcase Sam still has no fixed address. Rumoured to be hailing from “the wilds of Canada,” Suitcase Sam has emerged from the sands of time to give us an album that’s an artistic leap forward from his recent Get It To Go.

The first single from the album is a soulful outlaw rock track titled “Growing Up.”

Julian Daniel is a 19 year old Canadian pop singer, from Toronto, Ontario. Growing up in a musical household, he has always been one to be involved in the creative arts. Harbouring his unique talents varying from graphic design, to music and fashion, Julian has been able to create his own image and sound that is uniquely his own.

We’d love if you’d take a listen to the new single “Suburbia“, it’s the second from debut EP titled E-Boy.


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