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Old School Interview – Susannah Murray

Susannah Murray

Interview With Susannah Murray By Chris 14/8/07

Susannah Murray is a woman who went into a house and her life changed
She is one of the nicest honest people I have come across and know how lucky she has gotten
She is grateful for the opportunities that have come her way
Please read to find out more about her.

1. How has your life changed since BB?
wow, everything in my life has changed – for the better! i walked into that house with regrets about the state of my career – doing something i wasn’t passionate about, being somewhat estranged from my family, and also being in quite a lot of debt – now i’m doing something i love (signed a 12 month contract with Zoo and FHM), my family and i are closer than ever and with all the work i have been given since leaving the show, my finances are in order for the first time in years! i’m feeling very positive!

2. Why do you think it is still popular?

People identify with the housemates at varying levels, its also like you are ‘living with’ us – watching our every move, every emotion, its like real life Neighbours!!

3. Are you recognized a lot now because of the show?

Ohhh yes, it takes a lot longer to walk down the street now but i don’t take it for granted – i’m really appreciative that i’ve been given so much support by the fans.

4. Are you worried what people will think of you for posing for FHM and Zoo?

No im not worried at all. i’m really proud of it, especially being 30 – i think its quite empowering to be honest!

5. How did you feel when you were asked to pose?

i felt really flattered and excited!

6. How did it feel to be on the cover of Zoo and FHM?

Sooo exciting! its a dream come true for me!

7. What next in the pipeline for you?

Hopefully something media related – i would love to work on Television!

8. Have you had problems from being on BB?

The only downside of being on the show is getting so sick after all of the appearances – i really ran myself down and ended up with pneumonia!

9. is there any kind of shoot you wouldn’t do?

i would never pose naked – EVER – after all, my Grandmother buys all the magazines im in!!!!

10. Would you like to host a show like some of the previous BB people are doing?

That would be a dream come true for me! i would absolutely love that!

11. Have much job opportunities come out of being on BB?

Yes ive signed the contract with Zoo and FHM, plus i’ve signed a 12 month deal with a company called Hair Extensions international.

12. What was it like doing the FHM and Zoo shoots?

i have so much fun at the shoots – the crew are like a little family and i’m so familiar with them all now. plus i get to try on all these cute outfits so it really caters to the ‘girlie girl’ in me!

13. Do you feel better about life after being on BB, has that changed your outlook on life?

ive actually described the time in the house as a ‘re birthing experience’ – i’ve come out a new and better person!

14. What would we find on your stereo at the moment?

Ministry of Sound or Kasabian

15. What are some of your favorite musical artists?

Lionel Richie, Spandau Ballet, Beyonce, Missy Higgins, The Strokes, TLC, Usher, Tears for Fears

16. What are some of your favorite movies?

Breakfast at Tiffanys, Zoolander

17. What have you seen recently that you really enjoyed?

Factory Girl with Sienna Miller

18. Are you happy being in the spotlight for now?

i’m loving it, but i know it won’t be forever !!! i will never take this time for granted and i wake up every day thankful for being able to have this experience!


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