• April 15, 2021

Katie Cole – Lost Inside A Moment EP Review

Katie Cole – Lost Inside A Moment EP Review

Australia is well a really small country and I mean really small. Yes it’s big in land size and so on, but musically it’s small. That why a lots of artists go overseas to try to make it and that what Katie Cole has done it and this EP one part of her way into a very successful rewarding career. I first discovered her about five years ago and really dug what she had done then and this EP captures on that and more. She writes pop rock songs. The opening track Always is a catchy blast of energy, vocals and melodies, one of picks off the EP. Lost Inside A Moment is a track that energetic well written & played. Good vocals and lyrics and well I feel like its a 90’s track. A song that could and should easily be played on radio. The same goes for Found You a great pop rock ballad with great vocals and melodies, guitar playing that is excellent. The one song I think will be hit off it and should be is Sunrise. It got everything working for it. Great chorus, good solid vocals, melodies and rhythms that just work. Same goes for the lyrics. Breakout is another ballad track that finishes off the EP well. I like all kinds of genres of music, I have no shame in that, I love a good metal bands like Strapping Young Lad as well as I love a good pop rock artist known as Katie Cole who delivered a top quality release that should be heard and discovered and trust me you will know who she is soon enough.


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