• May 6, 2021

Old School Interview – Jade Feeney

Jade Feeney


Jade Feeney reads the weather for radio station
103.3 The Edge in Buffalo in America
She also models as well. I wanted to know more so I did.

1. How did you get into radio?

By chance really. I won the first "Hot Counter Help" Contest through the radio station. That led to some promotional work. Within a year later, I was an official member of the Edge team.

2. Do you enjoy reading the weather?

Sometimes. Sometimes in the winter I feel like the bearer of bad news. No one wants to hear Buffalo is going to get hit with another couple feet of snow. We are known for our snow storms here.

3. What is the highlight of working at 103.3 The Edge?

Other than meeting some really funny people, I would have to say the highlight is getting to go to concerts and getting backstage access.

4. If you could program the station, what songs would you play?

I’m partial to old school. So despite the fact the radio station is "New Rock", I’d have a day where they played all songs from the early 90’s. Just to bring back memories.

5. What is next for Jade Feeney?

There’s alot of things I would love to do. I would LOVE to work with Playboy again. I found everyone I met during that experience to be extrememley friendly and helpful. My dream job is to be a Victoria’s Secret model, but seeing that I’m such a shorty I doubt they’ll be calling anytime soon. But as for now, it’s just back to the normal everyday grind. Nothing really has changed yet in my life.

6. What would you most like to do on the radio?

I really don’t know. But whatever it would be, it would have to be funny. I love to laugh, especially at myself.

7. Has working at the radio station changed since the Janet Jackson scandal?

No, not really. When you are on the air, there is a 7 second delay just in case something does happen like vulgarity. But if I showed my nipple at the station, no one listening to the radion would know anyways. Hmm, that will probably be on people’s minds now while they are listening, eh?

8. What was your favorite tv show growing up?

I had so many it’s hard to choose just one. It depends on how far back you go. There was "Facts of Life", "Growing Pains", "Saved by the Bell", and "Full House". I guess I watched alot of television.

9. What is your view on reality tv?

I like the concept of reality television because it gives hope to the everyday person that one day they could be on tv too. But, I also think some of the shows are just ridiculous and I can’t believe there are people who actually watch them. I don’t care how much money I was offered, NO WAY would I eat bugs or other disgusting things. Plus, how reality is it when you know producers stage things like conflicts to make the show more interesting?

10. What is your favorite movie?

It’s a really old one that I don’t think anyone else has ever seen except for me, "Girls Just want to Have Fun". It’s starring really young Sarah Jessica Parker, Helen Hunt, and Shannon Dougherty. It’s hilarious. If there’s ever a remake, I have to be in it!

11. What are some recent movies you have enjoyed?

The Grudge. It was so scary. Those images stayed with me for days.

12. Who are your favorite musical artists?

Easy. That would definately be Tori Amos.

13. What is on Jade’s stereo at the moment?

Tori Amos’s new CD "The Beekeeper"

14. Would you travel overseas?

Yes I would, but it would have to be a place where the people spoke English, as that is the only language I know.

15. What is your favorite thing to do when you are not working?

Eat food that’s really bad for me, yet, tastes great and sleep.

16. How did you get involved with Playboy?

The guys at my station told me Playboy was looking for Women in Radio. They told me I should go for it. I had wanted to be in Playboy since I was like 13 so it was really a dream come true.

17. What has the response been?

Well, I was a little disappointed to find they were not printing the editorial in the actual magazine. Not as many people are going to get to see it online because it’s a paid site. So, there really hsn’t been a response so far. But, I got to do this interview and that’s fun!

Last words?

To anyone out there who’s a critic- Be kind! One day the tables will be turned on you.


Thanks to Jade Feeney for doing the interview. She Rocks


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