• May 6, 2021

Ella Freestone review

Ella Freestone – Self Titled (Self Released)

You know 2010 has been a good year for music, lot’s of new and up and coming artists putting out some great releases then their is Ella Freestone. Only 17 years old and put out an album that puts a lot of musicians to shame. Why because she got talent and the songs and the charisma to go far. It starts off with Threading Beads a good pop rock anthem shows of her songwriter, vocals and lyrics. It’s also a song great for radio. Oxygen is another track suited for radio, it’s a sweet touching song with nice dashes of piano, solid vocals and good honest lyrics. Find My Feet Again is big bold pop anthem with solid musicianship, great use of piano and guitar. It’s got everything perfectly in place. Dove In A Cage is where Ella really shines, her vocals just really shine, the guitar and simple use of percussion really works. It’s a really sweet track. Lemon Tree is a nice song about the simpler times of being a kid and really not having a huge care in the world. The song works as it’s a little bit different to others has more of folk,country feel to it. Just Maybe has a nice feel good vibe to it, from the catchy melodies and vocals to the way the song is written and structured. You can help but tap and sing along. Painted Gold is another sweet ballad that’s well written and sung and performed. Illusion is another great track that is really well written and performed and I love the piano touches through out the track. The Sea is the last song written by Ella on the album and is another really great track that shows of her vocals and musicianship nicely. The album finishes off with a good version of the traditional song Motherless Child. In a world of sugary sweet manufactured pop artists it’s a great thing to find an artist such as Ella who writes her own music and writes songs that are light years ahead of anybody else. She is a real talent, a real discovery and an artist who won’t be hidden for much longer. Get this now people.


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