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Northcote Independent Fashion Festival Show @ The Northcote Social Club – Friday 18 November 2011

Northcote Independent Fashion Festival Show @ The Northcote Social Club – Friday 18 November 2011

Ah the Northcote Social Club, one of the best venues in
Melbourne and great place to host a fashion gig showcasing local Northcote
Fashion Designers and some of the best local musicians such as Gossling,
Georgia Fields,  The Barebones and so on.
Plus having the amazing rockwiz band as the backing band is a real nice touch.
Clem Bastow was the host for the night, each musician would play a short set,
what they were wearing would be told and it was a great night of entertainment
and the price was just right for how many good acts you were getting from the
sweet starting band Duke Batavia who did an acapella version of their tunes
which was a nice touch, Sweet Jean were great their songs were a nice touch as
is Jen Cloher who I’ve seen play once before and in this kind of setting she
was great. I think The Bare Bones were excellent, they have written some great
tunes and they came out nicely with backing band. Tracey McNeil is an amazing
solo artist and is excellent with Jordie
Lane in Fireside Bellows and she delivered tonight.
Angie Hart who been doing music for a long time, showed why is that good, she
sung well with the band as well as The Wolfgramm Sisters who both sing
excellent. Jessica Says were also good.  Andrew
Cox from The Fauves was something special, I liked his songs and his little
touches he gave, he like Angie Hart has been doing it for a long time and you
can see why he is good at what he does, and if you were a Fauves fan, you would
of loved it. Georgia Fields was to be good as expected; I haven’t seen her give
a bad performance anywhere. I’m a huge fan of Gossling and her tunes and she
was on fire tonite, sound excellent as always and the dress she was wearing
really suited her. She is a first class performer, check her out if you can,
she going to go very far.  All the
dresses and outfits looked incredible and I’m not a fashion person, and they
should be supported. The backing band were excellent, they did their homework
and knew the songs and gave real nice touches to the musicians music and helped
the night make something special. Even better was I got home on public
transport, I didn’t know what to expect, It was raining and I’m glad I came
down as I got to see a really unique show with some amazing dresses and some
unique first class performances that delivered a great show and why Melbourne
is the king of music.


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