• April 15, 2021

Katie Thompson Interview

Katie Thompson Interview

Katie Thompson is a great kiwi country singer songwriter who song Immpossible I really dug on the latest Kiwi Hit Disc, who has supported Elton John and recorded her latest album was recorded in England. This girl is going places. So read on it. She got talent and loads of it.


1. How did it feel to be able to support Elton John?

It was an amazing opportunity and I felt very fortunate to have won the right to open for Elton John. It was a great experience and getting to meet Elton and then watch his show was unbelievable. A definite highlight!!!

2. How do you think that will help with your music career?

For a start it has really boosted my on-line presence – it’s also great to be able to say when people ask "what are your musical achievements." I’ve been receiving some great emails for future gigs so it’s definitely been a massive boost. Everyone seemed to really enjoy my performance so hopefully it will have a flow on effect.

3. What inspiration for your album Impossible?

Life in general. Sometimes someone will say something and it will stay with me for the day so I write it down. Other times its situations people have gotten themselves into so I write about it.

4. What was it like to be able to work with Greg Haver (producer) & Clint Murphy (engineer)?

They are both extremely good at what they do. When Greg said he would produce Impossible I was stoked! To watch them both in action is pretty impressive. I was very lucky to get the chance to work with them.

5. How did it feel to be on the latest Kiwi Hit Disc?

Getting selected for the Kiwi Hit Disc in my mind is kind of like a seal of approval. You work really hard on each song when you’re recording so it’s nice to know it gets the tick! It’s also great to see my name on the same disc as some of my favourite artists.

6. What do you hope that will do for in terms of getting radio play?

Well hopefully stations will take a listen. At the very least it will get my music out there. It also means that if people want to request Impossible the stations already have a copy of it – no excuses not to give it a spin.

7. How has social networking helped your music career?

When I first raised the $50,000 on Sellaband for my album Impossible I didn’t even really know about Facebook. It’s only been in the last couple of years that I’ve finally got my head around it all. It has definitely helped my music career. I doubt I would have ever been able to raise enough money to record an album in the UK with a world class team or make two music videos which have been funded by fans. It’s also great to get the feedback and encouragement from people from all over the world.

8. What advice could you give to somebody who wants to make a music career ago?

Figure out what you want to do. If your goal is to make an EP or an album start sorting out songs now, figure out how much it will cost, what style you want to do and generally talk to anyone you can that is doing what you want to do. It’s amazing how much you can learn by simply asking someone that’s been there.

9. Do you think on-line fund raising websites are good tool?

I think they are an amazing tool however you have to be prepared to make and effort and put alot of time into it. It helps to have a team of people behind you so you’re not doing all the work – remember to be a musician sometimes too!!

10. What inspires you when writing music?

Every day life and situations people find themselves in. Sometimes the mood to write strikes me – usually at 11pm when I should be heading to bed. I’ve learnt to write as much as I can and then leave it for another day. Something that I couldn’t finish last week can be simple as when I’ve had time to think on it. I’m really looking forward to writing some new material.

11. How was the recording process different to the first album?

The first album was self funded and I had no idea what I was doing – but you’ve gotta start somewhere right. So I just got in there and done it. For Impossible I was a little more knowledgeable on what was going on. I learnt so much from watching people like Greg Haver & Clint Murphy do their thing. It makes you wanna get in there and do it again when you have such a great experience. Modern World Studios in the UK (where we recorded) was a great environment.

12. What is next for yourself?

Well I just received my very first grant from NZ on Air for my next music video for Cruel to be Kind. I’m also looking at getting my act together (literally) and doing a little tour around New Zealand. Just a nice intimate acoustic setting performing original material and also my favourite covers. Other than that – write some new material!!!



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