• August 16, 2020

New Music Tuesday

Songwriting duo The Lights Downtown blends new and unique sounds with the old, blurring the lines between indie, deep house, and pop.

Nostalgic and danceable “I Think I Miss You” was inspired by being in a place where you’re not quite sure what’s next – when you know that you’re leaving something behind that means a lot to you

Abby J Hall is a singer/songwriter from Burlington, Ontario. Having been in the studio over the past year, she is excited to be releasing new music over the next couple months. Everyone has a story to tell. Abby loves nothing more than to write some of those stories down and put them to music.

Her new single, “Neighbour,” was written with Toronto-based singer/songwriter, Darrelle London, while eating A&W on London’s back porch, gazing into the neighbouring backyards and imagining what kind of people lived there. As a society, we don’t always take the time to truly know someone who may live right next door – we build both literal and metaphorical fences.


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