• August 16, 2020

Leanne Tennant Interview

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Leanne Tennant is a talented Australian singer songwriter with a new album out called Happiness is….. I asked her a few questions about it all and this is what she had to say.


1. What inspired the new album?

Happiness is…..was inspired by a collection of moments over the past 2 x years where I ultimately discovered what does, and does not make me happy.

2. Were you happy how it has been received?

I’m absolutely stoked at the love this record has been getting.  I wish I could give everyone who has shouted out about it a big old hug.

3. How was the recording process different to earlier material?

This is the first time I’ve recorded with 2 x different producers.  I was quite nervous to begin with as to how this would work, and in the end I wouldn’t have it any other way and will definitely be doing again.

4. How did it feel having some one like Kram be involved in the album?

It was pretty strange getting to work with someone whose music you’ve been such a fan of for such a long time.  Kram is a lovely guy and we just had a load of fun.

5. Are you happy how fans and the industry have responded to your music?

When I wrote this record, I wanted to focus on writing music that I loved, rather than music that I thought other people might like or expect from me.  Because of this I really didn’t know how it would be received by existing supporters or industry folk so I am pleasantly surprised that people have been digging the record and being open to hearing all aspects of my songwriting.  

6. Has your songwriting changed from when you were starting out?

I’ve always written in a lot of different styles however I would definitely say that I churn through writing songs much quicker than I used to.  Thank god.  It used to take forever to complete a song but now I’m less picky and know when to walk away.

7. What has been the best piece of advice you have given about your music career?

I used to get really scared following on from a live act that was so different to my own, until an old friend reminded me that people’s attention spans are short and by the time you’re ready to play, people are already thinking about something new.  This really helped me be less judgemental of what I do, and just be myself.  It’s all you can ever be.

8. Do you have set theme for your music or does it go with the flow and changes?

I don’t really have set themes and it often changes depending on what’s going on in my life.

9. Has the virus changed everything for you at the moment? I lost a lot of work and had to cancel my tour so that was definitely the hardest bit.  As an independent artist with no label, or booking agent, it’s quite a long and frustrating experience putting together tours so I was quite disheartened when realizing that I was going to have to put all that work back in all over again.  I do believe everything happens for a reason though.

10. How important is your brand Leanne Tennant? 

I don’t know if I even really have a brand.  Perhaps that’s my brand, and I’m ok with that.

11. How important is social media to you? It’s extremely important to me as an Indie artist as it’s the only way I remain connected with what’s going on, and to get the word out there about my own work.  Also living in a Regional area it’s a great tool to stay connected with hte rest of the world.  I do wish that I didn’t need to be on it so much though.

12.  What next for your self? 

Always writing 😉 


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