• August 16, 2020

Michelle Ellen Jones

Photos by me

It’s a new week and I wanna give people that I care about some more love. Michelle Ellen Jones is that person. She is one of the nicest people you will ever meet. She is so lovely and her and her husband were so accommodating who went out of their way to find a place that worked for both of us when I got to meet her last year.

She is a hard working talented lady. She does ball room dancing, she a pageant coach, she acts. She has a degree in Kinesiology. She does Yoga. This talented lady can do it all. . A bunch of the many movies she has done are getting released this year like Pickaxe which I am looking forward to watching.

I am still getting better as a photographer but the photos I took of her are still the best photos I have ever taken. She looked amazing in them. The interview was excellent. She really is a talented lady. Long as I am running my little site here, she will always get my support here on the site. I know she gonna be a major force in all that she does. She works so hard at everything she does, that it won’t be long until everybody will want to work with her.


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