• October 22, 2019

Abby Ramsay

Photos provided by Abby

Abby Ramsay is one of my favorite people interviewed in the last few years and was a pleasure to interview her and meet her in person also. When I go back to America I shall be interviewing her again. She is a hard worker, knows how to use social media. She always getting herself out there which I think is amazing. Abby I think she will have a bright future as an actor and everything else she does and she will always have my support as I think she is amazing. To me she is gonna be one of the next big things seriously. She is grateful for my support and I am really grateful she gives what I ever post about her a plug. She is seriously going places. When she not acting, she modeling as well and continues to do well in that also. She is very photogenic and the camera loves her. She is a switched on, very beautiful talented lady. So I just had to give her some more love here on the site.


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