• April 21, 2021

Katy Lozano Interview

Katy Lozano


Katy Lozano is an american model who has been in The OC, A Travis Tritt video clip. Plus doing plenty of modeling shoots. Liked what she is doing and thought she was worth giving PR to. She some one to watch out for.


1. How did you get into modeling?

I first got into modeling at
age 15. A friend of mine, who happened to be a model, introduced me to the
Modeling Industry. Ever since then, I have been modeling and appearing in local
magazines in Florida.

2. What has been the highlight so far?

I would say the highlight
of my modeling career would have to be the opportunities I have shared with all
of the photographers I have had the chance to work with and the friends I have
met along the way.

3. What you worked on recently you enjoyed the most?

The most
recent opportunity that I enjoyed the most was my last cover on City Link
Magazine for the Sex Issue. I was featured on a two-page spread and appeared on
the cover.

4. Who would you most like to work with?

I have always had a
fantasy about working with a model like Kate Moss or Charlotte Kemp Muhl. I
love their individuality and the uniqueness of their looks.

5. How did you get involved in the music video clips for Travis
Tritt & Combichrist?

All the appearances I have made in music videos have
been arranged through my agencies. Most of the time, I get called about being
shot in the music video and I usually jump on that pretty quickly.

8. What was it like being on the OC?

Unfortunately, my appearance
as an extra on the OC didn’t have the turn out that I quite expected. I thought
I would be seen in a series of shots, but I ended up with shots of the back of
my head. I realized that it was just the way the modeling industry can be. You
win some and you lose some.

9. What wouldn’t you shoot as a model?

I would have to say that I
am pretty lenient with the photo shoots that I do. I have shot nudes before,
but I like to have my photos look tasteful. I would never shoot anything
demeaning or erotic. It isn’t my thing.

10. What are you listening to lately that you have enjoyed heaps?

I listen to a lot of Lady Gaga. She is kind of like a God to me. I feel like
her music speaks to me. She gives me strength and makes me want to work even
harder for what I want.

11. Any plans to do more acting?

I don’t have many plans to do
anymore acting. I have appeared as an extra in some movies, but I would enjoy
an acting role if an opportunity would arise.

12. How has sites like your website and model mayhem help you get

My website is where I get most of my work, Model Mayhem has been a great
website for networking and meeting new people in the industry. I think both websites
have given me plenty of recognition.

13. What would be your ultimate goal as a model?

My ultimate goal
would to appear in at least one major fashion magazine before my modeling
career is over.

14. What is next for Katy?

I never know what to expect next. I
expect the unexpected and just hope for the best.


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