• May 17, 2021

Buchanan Interview

Buchanan are a great Australian band with some excellent tunes and getting plenty of solid buzz and with Triple J play these guys are ones to watch out for. I talk to Josh about it all. Their ep No Photo is a must have.
1.  Are you happy how things have gone with your music so far?
absolutely stoked – to be able to make the music you love making and to
see it get the response that it has is extremely rewarding. And it also
kind of justifies all the late nights, scrounging for coffee money and
the hard work that goes into it!

2. How has Triple J helped the band?
funny, you know, we didn’t even think Triple J would like our music
when we first started recording and yet here we are with the full
support of the station and with a hell of a lot more fans because of it.
We definitely wouldn’t be where we are without them. We will probably
forever be in debt to that station!

3. How did Inertia get involved with distributing the latest EP?
heard our music very early on and really liked it, so we opened a
dialogue with them and it just kind of made
sense to put it out through them once we finished. They’re a wonderful
label and a brilliant team to work with. And obviously their roster
speaks for itself!

4. What has been your favorite gig to play so far?
possibly our last Sydney show, or maybe Laneway Festival… I’m not
sure really! They’ve mostly all been great and for all different
reasons. The best shows for me are definitely the ones where the crowd
are obviously into it and you can really feed off that energy. It helps
elevate the band’s performance to another level – at least I hope it

5. How has social
networking sites helped the band?

helped us reach fans in places we couldn’t dream of, like South America
or South East Asia. And when you see sales from those regions as a
result, it’s really quite exciting and it makes all the hard work that
goes into maintaining those pages worthwhile. We’d probably still be
looking for an audience without it!

6. What advice can you give to somebody wanting to make a career out of music?
perseverance and patience. The three P’s – which I just made up! If you
can tick all those boxes and you have the talent to back it up, things
will fall into place and you’ll make it work. This will sound very lame,
if your priority is happiness rather than success, then you will be
successful regardless of what another person might deem as success. Does
that make sense?!

7. What was the inspiration for the EP?
and sex! No, to be honest I’m not really sure. We had recorded a couple
of songs which we were proud of but we knew we could do better, so we
got straight back into recording and didn’t stop until we had a cohesive
group of songs that we knew could live happily next to each other on a
formal release – and that became our No Photo EP.

8. What inspires you when writing

I love staying on top of global affairs and what’s going on in the
world around us, so more often than not I am inspired by global affairs
or big picture stuff. But really you can’t force inspiration and you
kind of just have to wait until something comes along and then you go,
"Ok, there’s probably a decent song in that."

9. Who would you most like to play with?
love to do a big international support next – I love hip hop so I’d
love to play with someone respected in that world like a Mos Def or Nas.
It might look like a weird pairing on paper but it’s hardly
unprecedented and it opens both artists up to fans from other genres. I
can dream,

10. What is next for the band?
already recording our next batch of songs. We’re taking a break from
touring for a bit while we get some demos down and then we’ll see what
happens. Hopefully we’ll be able to announce a couple of surprises by
the end of the year!


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