• April 21, 2021

Katie Weston – Say The Word EP Review

Katie Weston – Say The Word EP (Self Released)

This is the latest release for Melbourne singer songwriter Katie Weston and it is a rocking kick butt six track ep full of catchy alternative rock pop tunes that deserve your ears time. From the opening track The Shakedown which kicks off the ep with a rocking energetic track that shows off her vocals and songwriting. I’ve Been Waiting is a track that shows off her vocals and good use of keyboard to nice effect. It also highlights her lyrics as well. The same can be said for Anyone with its good use of keyboard and her solid vocals and shows off the band excellent musicianship.  You can tell the band knows their stuff and work perfectly with Katie music.  Take Me Away really shows off her vocals and her lyrics. She is one of the strongest singers I have heard doing this style of music in the Melbourne music scene in a long time. Where You’re Hiding like all the other tunes are quite simply radio play. They just have that spark that grabs you from the word go. The songs are all well written and played. Katie voice is on fire. The production of the tracks are solid. Breathe Out is a good way to finish off the ep, and it does it in style. This is a first class EP from a Melbourne musician. There is something about her that is just refreshing. Doing the whole rock thing which I totally dig and love. One of the best EP’s I have heard this year. This girl has got the talent to be huge and she will be very soon mark my words. You need this.


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