• May 17, 2021

Jenny Dalton – Blood Folk EP Review

Jenny Dalton – Blood Folk EP (Glossy Shoebox Productions)

I’ve been a fan of Jenny’s music for a while now, she has been on two compilation cd’s I’ve done and yeah I like what she does as a singer songwriter. So this is her latest release and it’s really good. The songs are bit different to her early stuff, they have this haunting almost dark edge to the tunes and this is evident in the opening track Nightmare which is my pick off the ep. Like the use of synth/keyboard through out the track. The lyrics and vocals are excellent.  Shotgun Wedding is more focused around the piano and her vocals, lyrics truly shine here. Like the use of the drumming in the track. The use of Violin is really nice too. Tuesday With Zooey has a great use of piano and violin, Jenny voice is great here as is the lyrics. Awake up reminds me off stuff of her first two albums and why I liked Jenny in the first place. Colorado Song is a beautiful song and a great way to finish off the ep. If this is where she is heading with her music, count me in. I loved this ep, there is so much to like here. All songs are well written and performed. She got loads of talent and it will not be long until plenty more people discover why I think she is so great. Check this out.


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