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Julie Dickson Interview By Chris

Julie Dickson Interview By Chris

Julie Dickson is an incredibly talented aussie female actor. I discovered her a few years back, really like what she is doing and decided she needs more PR. She got some incredible stuff happening and she a female actor on the rise so read one. 

Website.  www.juliedickson.net
IMDB.  http://www.imdb.com/name/nm3480841/


1. How did it
feel to work on the film Just Like U?


Being cast as
the Lead Actress on "Just Like U" was an amazing experience, one I
will not forget any time soon. I was blessed with Mooloolaba on the Sunshine
Coast of QLD as my set for 4 weeks and was surrounded each day by a dedicated
cast and crew.

 My Co-Star Ty Belnap was quite the character and has achieved so much in
his life. He is a true inspiration to not only those who have Down Syndrome but
to anyone really. He taught me that anything is possible.

The role was challenging due to the context of the story and my character in
the film Britney had to deal with some very emotional scenes. Director Peter
Cannon was awesome to work with and from what I have heard the film is coming
together nicely and he is extremely happy with the performances.

2. What do you
hope it will do for your career?

Like any Actress my hope is for the film to do extremely well in Australia
and in the overseas market and for my career to follow on the same path. My
main goal is to entertain and to make the audience feel the same emotions my
character is feeling. If I can achieve this then I have succeeded and it will
only be a matter of time before this is noticed by others in the film industry.
From there with a bit of luck and persistence more opportunities will arise.

3. What
attracted you to the film?

Definitely the story. It has a great message and is based on true events. If it
doesn’t pull your heart strings then nothing will. The role itself was a
challenging one to say the least and it was exactly what I had been searching
for at the time. It was also a great excuse to make the move I had been
contemplating back to my home town of Brisbane.


4. What was the
inspiration for Road To Katherine?

"Road to Katherine" was the vision of a close friend of mine who had
suffered the loss of a brother due to suicide 20 years ago. When she approached
us (Scheffilm Productions) with the concept we couldn’t wait to make it happen.
I was thrilled she asked me to be the Host/Presenter of the Documentary.

5. Why did you
decide to make the documentary?

The actual story behind the documentary I am unable to give to much information
on but if you knew, it would bring you to tears. "Road to Katherine"
has been produced to promote awareness of depression and youth suicide which
sadly is affecting more and more families every day. I feel it is so important
to educate society on the topic so they understand not only how they can find
help but more importantly how they can help others in a dark place. "Road
to Katherine" is about saving lives.

6. What is it
different to anything else you have done?

"Road to Katherine" was different as I was on the road for 3 days
traveling with a small crew from Adelaide to Alice Springs. It was an eye opener to see the ordeals
small rural communities go through and the hardship they face with limited
government support. There are individuals and voluntary organisations who put
there hearts and souls into helping those in need and it is sad that they feel
they are on their own fighting a never ending battle.  This is one job
which made me realise how lucky I am and thankful to have the opportunities I

7. How has the
internet helped with your career?

Ahh the internet…. where would I be without it !!! Everyone is online these
days it is the perfect networking tool and allows me the ability to know what
productions are casting and what projects are in production. By being on the internet
I am exposing my skills and what I am doing on various projects to millions of

8. Do you think
it’s a valuable tool?

Absolutely!! From Facebook to Twitter to Google Ads… the internet is the most
valuable tool any actor or Entrepreneur could have !!

9. Why develop
your own website?

I believe having a website shows you are serious and professional in what you
are doing it also allows those who possibly aren’t on social networking sites
to still easily find you. I created my website on my own as well as my business
sites. I’m no "Web Designer" but it is something I enjoy doing and it
allows me to  have complete control without the overheads.

10. How is film
work different to tv work?

Both film and Television are 90% waiting around and 10% in front of the camera.
The only difference that I can tell so far from the work I have been involved
in is that Television is very "Controlled" where as Film I think you
have more of a creative license.

My first Television gig was Hosting the show "The Notice Board" on
C31 and it was the most stressful thing I have ever done !! I have been on a
stage performing in front of thousands of people, Acted in numerous films,
however Television was very challenging for the first few episodes. I think it
was the pressure knowing it was being recorded live.

11. do you have
any plans to work overseas?

I will be traveling to the USA
in October 2010 and again in February 2011 and will be  networking whist
there. After that I will see what happens.

12. What else do
you do outside acting and hosting?

I am a bit of an Entrepreneur.  I am the owner of "Socialite
Tans" based in Adelaide and partner in
"Scheffilm Productions" based in Adelaide
and Brisbane.
Through Scheffilm Productions I also manage with my partner Lucas the Brisbane
branch of "Picture Hire Australia" and am in the process of setting
up my new venture "Socialite Kids", a children’s’ entertainment

13. How do you
prepare for a role?

I spend a lot of time on my own reading the script and lines and understanding
who my character is and why they do certain things or act in a certain way. A
week out from shooting I "Am" my character and act as they would each
day right through until the shoot wraps. Acting is not about learning lines and
saying them, you need to believe in the character you are playing and no matter
who you are portraying you need to learn to "like" who they are.

14. How do you
remember lines? 


At school I was
a bit of a "Crammer" before exams….. learning lines is the same for
me. I work better under pressure. I just read them in small chunks over and
over again out load and then do it closing my eyes, then walking around, then
jumping on the spot. I feel this works well for me as you get to the point
where you aren’t just focusing on the lines as your attention is split between
your actions and what you are saying.


15. What have
you got lined up next?

I have been cast in another 3 Feature films at this stage here in Australia
which will keep me busy until Mid 2011 and am in the process of developing my
own television show, who knows where all that will lead… fingers are crossed.

16. what’s in
your stereo at the moment?

It is 1am and I am typing this in bed so nothing at the moment, however I am
loving Gaga these days.



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