• April 21, 2021

Juke Katel @ The Sandbelt Hotel Sunday August 22nd 2010

Juke Kartel – Sandbelt Hotel Sunday 22nd August

When Juke Kartel online publicist contacted me about
reviewing the new album and a show I was all for it. I decided the Sunday show
at the Sandbelt, little did I know when deciding to go for that, was it going
to be a stripped back acoustic band show. Can I tell you it was one of the most
awe inspiring and one of the most enjoyable shows I have been to in ages. So I
arrive at the venue at a perfect time, grab a drink and sit down, the lady next
to me ask who playing, I tell her, she seems keen said she a local and just
rocked on up and paid the $25, I talk to the sound engineer tells me how long
working with the band and all. The show begins and the band has turned their
songs into something special and magical. The band is tight and they sound
amazing. Toby Rand voice just expands through
out the room. The little touches through the two sets when they had a guy come
and play didgeridoo on a few songs was really sweet and awesome. When Dale
played a couple of tracks singing was also good but one of those tracks was a
highlight when they got their lighting man to come up on stage and play
harmonica with him and do a blues track was way cool and the crowd loved it.  My highlights were Road of Glass, Save Me, and
Anybody Out There & On Fire.  You could
have had the full experience with dinner then the show and I swear their must
have been over 100 people in the room on a Sunday night and they were all
loving it. Oh having a MC at the start of the show was a great touch and worked
perfectly. The experience they have living in LA has helped the band and has
made them a lot tighter and a band that just deliver in performance and in vocal
talent. I had never really seen Juke Kartel live before, I had listen to the
album and liked it a lot but this performance just blew me away and I seriously
wish more bands would do the full acoustic band show thing. It’s incredible and
it works. I would rate this shows as one of my favorites of the year. I loved
every moment of it. I can’t wait to see these guys play the full band show I
know it will be incredible.




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