• May 6, 2021

Ingram Hill Interview

Ingram Hill 


Ingram Hill put out a great rock album last year Look Your Best. So I thought it was time to interview the band about the album, their career and if I’ll ever get to see them play in Australia.


1. Are you happy how things are gone for you so far with the music?

A: Yeah I think so.  I feel pretty confidently that we’ve given our all to every record we’ve made, so I suppose that makes me happy.

2. How have things changed for you as a band in the years of making music?

A: I think a lot has changed.  Our writing style is a quite a bit different.  I think we tour a lot better and more efficiently.  I think we sound a lot better as a band now.  I suppose all of that is just natural maturation from doing it for so long, but there’s a definite difference in us as a band compared to 5, or even 3 years ago.

3. What inspires you now as an band?

A: I think hearing other great songs, and seeing other great bands.  When we first started, it was pretty much women that stirred the creative pot, but I think now it’s a lot more of just hearing other great songwriters, and trying our best to be that, as well.

4. Are u happy how the new album Look Your Best has been received?

A: I am.  We’ve had a lot of positive press from it, and our fans seem to really like it, too.  At least none of them have told me yet that they hate, so they’re either being polite, or they actually like the album.

5. How did u get involved with Rock Ridge Music?

A: We have a lot of friends on the label, and when we were searching for a home for our record, we reached out to them to gauge how well they liked it, and word kind of spread to the Rock Ridge folks that we were asking around, and we eventually created a partnership.

6. Who has been the biggest help with your career?

A: Oh man.  There are way too many to name here.  I think Rick Beato, who not only produced "Look Your Best," but our first album, "June’s Picture Show," had a pretty big impact on us creatively.   

7. How is the new album different to the previous ones EG what have you done differently in the recording process?

A: I’m not sure anything in the actual recording process has been drastically different.  But the lead in to recording was different.  Mostly our songwriting process was a lot different, as well as what we were trying to accomplish with the songs was different.  We just wanted to make the songs as honest as possible, and record an album, instead of a contest of which song could be a single.

8. Has the Internet & Social Networking sites played a huge part in your career?

A: It’s been huge, in both a positive and negative way.  With social networking, it could not be easier to keep in contact with fans, gain new fans, and be able to let people know the ins and outs of the band.  However, the internet also lets people download your music for free, which can surely get you new fans, but also means you’re not actually selling any records, which then makes it increasingly difficult to afford to make future records.

9. What advice can you give to somebody who wants to make a career in music?

A: Stay away!!!  Just kidding.  I would say to be prepared to work extremely hard and have thick skin, and enjoy it as much as possible in the process.

10. Who have u enjoyed playing with recently?

A:  We were just on something called The Rock Boat, which is essentially a music festival on a Caribbean cruise.  It’s hosted by Sister Hazel, and there were so many amazing acts we got to play with.  Alternate Routes and Tony Lucca are just a couple that I really enjoyed, but they don’t really have bad bands on this thing, so I pretty much enjoyed everyone on that boat.

11. Any plans to play Australia?

A: You know we’ve discussed this many times, and I don’t know when it will happen, but I certainly hope it happens soon.  If nothing else, I need a good excuse to visit there, so why not play some shows while we’re there!


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