• May 6, 2021

Amanda Kallisto Interview

 Amanda Kallisto

 Amanda some I had interview a few years back and thought she was worth interviewing again. She some one that does it all, models, yoga and activism. Plus now she had a baby. So read on.

1. Why did you get into Yoga?

None of us really know our purpose in life, but I think it’s simply to live it. To enjoy this very moment for what it is. A unique and fleeting spec in the grand scheme of things. With my fast paced life and a lot of emotions to cope with, Yoga helps me focus on being conscious of the here and the now. It helps me process my thoughts and sometimes mold them to be more positive. Since I always have a deep seeded desire to help others, I want to share this with others through being a Yoga instructor and hopefully transform lives for the better.

2. How is that different from Modeling?

It’s actually the exact opposite. Modeling is about living up to a standard. It’s about always striving for that next gig or trying to change yourself. Yoga is about accepting who you are and where you’re at.

3. What have you done recently Modeling wise?

Since learning of my pregnancy, I’ve only done a few local shoots, nothing too big. I did shoot for Missconstrued clothing a few months ago, which was a lot of fun. And I have a wolf shoot planned for my non profit this month!

4. Who have enjoyed working with the most?

Oh that’s like choosing a favorite Oreo from the box! Sure, I’ve had some experiences that weren’t so fabulous. But even local gigs and photographers no one has ever heard of can be a blast and an amazing experience. Playboy was fun of course, but so was shooting with Michel Savage for the Faerylands series in Oregon or Glam Rock Magazine in Cali. So were the random shoots that I did just to help other photographers build their portfolios or advertise their business. So were the figure modeling classes I did for sculptors and painters. There’s something about knowing that someone is capturing that moment in time, your emotion, your life and passion that is just absolutely unexplainable.

6. How is the activism work going?

Well I definately have my work cut out for me with the political shift from this election cycle to predominantly conservative Republicans. It’s not good news for the environment, for animals, for women’s health, for gays, for the economy…..in all honesty I’m terrified that we’re pretty much going to be sodomized from every direction.

7. What been your favorite shoot so far?

I always loved shooting with Tragic Glamour. I always got some funky and unique shots, had a great time, and felt like I could be myself. Plus, her and I both liked the same professional wrestler, Jeff Hardy. She is such a great person and a talented designer, photographer, and stylist.

8. What is next for Amanda in your professional life?

Well, I’ve enrolled in college as a Mind-Body-Wellness Practitioner with specialties in Yoga and Holistic Nutrition. I’m also taking environmental classes. So right now I’m veering off the modeling road to focus on my soul and my baby. I won’t turn down gigs, but my priorities are definately shifting and the entertainment world just isn’t calling me at the moment. But don’t you worry, you haven’t seen the last photoshoot from Amanda! I’m keeping this body in shape, so post baby, I will be one hot MILF! And as a small secret, I have been in cahoots with Playboy for another shoot after the little tyke comes 😉

9. How will the up coming birth of your child change everything you do?

I think the better question is, what about everything that I do will it NOT change!? My time is already stretched pretty thin between all of the things I am passionate about, and now I will be focusing more on my family and myself. I will have to take a little time to adjust to my new role, fit into my new hat, then gradually start branching out again. I will still partake in the same things I do now, just a little less of each.

10. What are you listening to at the moment?

Linkin Park

11. Have you had any bad feedback from what u do?

Oh heavens yes. Everything I do seems to be controversial, even the Yoga. Some believe it to be against their idea of God, which is pretty strange to me since Yoga doesn’t focus on any specific religious ideals and instead teaches you to have a personal relationship with the Divine and offer your body and mind to the Universe. When it comes to modeling, I often get accused of "objectifying" women, which is just absurd to anyone that knows me. With my political causes, I of course get labeled as a Jesus hater, a Nazi, a baby killer, a heathen…..I mean, I’ve had holy water thrown on me for crying out loud! And it’s not just the anti abortion or anti gay crowd because I get just as much heat from my environmentalism and love for animals. No matter what you do, there’s always someone telling you that you shouldn’t. You just have to be strong enough in your beliefs to know what is right and wrong for you.


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